The First Ocean Lines

If you are passionate about something you no doubt have some opinions, perhaps even strong ones, about that subject. Does that mean you have to share them with the whole world? No. Clearly, most people on the planet really don’t care what you, or I, think. But, we’re rarely alone in our passions and that’s probably how and why blogging has exploded on the Web. In any event, here’s another one.

The topic will always be related to the marine world — those things involved with that stuff that covers 80 percent of the surface of our planet. Anything is fair game — the ocean itself, man’s relation to the ocean, our activities on it, in it and below it; and all the wild and wonderful things that live in it.

Stop back periodically and see what’s new. If I do this right, there might be something to stir your own thoughts and opinions about the marine world. There’s lots to talk about and I can guarantee that I’ll wander all over the subject. I love talking about the ocean, and boats, and ships and science and biology and conservation and ecology.

Ah yes, I hear the ship’s bell ringing, and the 1MC blaring, “Ocean Lines, arriving.”

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Posted by Tom

Tom Tripp is the owner of OceanLines LLC, the publisher of OceanLines and founder of Marine Science Today. He is an award-winning marine journalist, science writer and long-time public communications specialist. His PR career and much of his writing stems from the fact that he loves to explain stuff. It all began when he and his brother Mark threw all of Mom’s tomatoes at the back wall of the house. . .