Missing Posts…and News from Newport

Well, I finally got bit by the technology gremlins. My web-hosting service screwed up the servers and lost the last three days of data — and posts. I’ll re-create them and get them back up as quickly as possible.

A quick re-cap — highlights for me from the Newport International Boat Show were new products in the computer and propulsion area. MarineNav’s new small form-factor, truly marinized PC brings PC-based navigation (and all the other things possible with PCs) down to those of us who don’t have huge lockers to install big tower-PCs. Check them out at www.marinenav.ca .

Also, Glacer Bay’s new line of diesel-electric propulsion solutions will get even small-boat owners thinking about this approach to re-powering older boats or even powering their new builds. Their power generators are based on new Mercedes Benz diesels and in-house developed, high-efficiency electric motors. They really have an amazing package concept, too. The smallest of their units is a 25 Kw generator, powered by a 0.7L, common-rail, turbocharged diesel. Yep — -0.7L WITH common rail and turbocharger. Incredible. It will produce a total of about 70 HP at the shaft in a single-shaft application, or 35 HP if split for two shafts. See their stuff at www.ossapowerlite.com .

I will have detailed stories on both new product lines posted tomorrow after I finish cleaning up the mess made by our hosting service. Also, look for the start of our new series on “The Ultimate Helm,” which looks at good/better/best alternatives for different classes of boats. We start with the trawler community and show you some examples of how some of these slow-speed cruisers at Newport outfitted their helms. There are some great ideas out there and technologies like that from MarineNav (from above) will add significantly to the possibilities.

So, more coming from Newport. Stay tuned.

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