New Renderings for Nordhavn 75 EYF

3D Rendering of Nordhavn 75EYF

Nordhavn has released a series of 3D renderings of its new 75 Expedition YachtFisher (EYF). The renderings show the boat, currently under construction, from various perspectives and are extremely detailed, down to the chartplotter image on the flybridge rendering. These should help potential customers get an astonishingly realistic look at what their new boat will look like long before fiberglass meets mold. Be sure to click on each image in order to see it full-size, where it looks its best.

Port Bow 3D Rendering of N75EYF

3D Rendering of N75EYF Aft Perspective

Another 3D Rendering of N75EYF

3D Rendering of the N75EYF Flybridge


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