Nordic Tugs 49 Splashes – Sea Trials Begin

Nordic Tugs 49 Hull #1 during construction earlier this year

Nordic Tugs 49 Hull #1 during construction earlier this year

Nordic Tugs last week confirmed that hull number one of the NT-49 model line has splashed for the first time in the harbor at Anacortes, Washington.  Sea trials on the first NT-49 have begun and the company said it was preparing the boat for its public debut at the Seattle boat show during the second week of September.

Nordic Tugs hopes the new 49 will fill the gap between the company’s 42 and 54 models. It was originally dubbed the 47, but in a model name rationalization move, the company redesignated the upcoming 47/ as the 49 and the current 52 as the 54, recognizing that most boats are now known by their Length Overall (LOA). 

Nordic Tugs 49 Artist's Rendering of General Arrangement

Nordic Tugs recently signed its first Russian dealer and has had an office in the U.K. for a year now, evidence of the export success of many American boat-builders during a period of an extremely weak U.S. dollar.  The company has said it expects to further expand its export sales and marketing efforts.

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