The Price of a new Nordic Tugs 26

Nordic Tugs 26 Starboard Running Photo

Nordic Tugs 26 -- Photo: Paul Johnson, Nordic Tugs

Now that the new (old) Nordic Tugs 26 is in production and on its way to dealers, it’s time to have a look at how it turned out and what the price is.  We’ve got a nice photo gallery for you in this story that should give you a good idea of how the interior came together, as well as a current spec sheet and base price listing from one of the largest Nordic Tugs dealers, Wilde Yacht Sales, of Essex, Connecticut.

There is no question that buyers will be attracted to the NT-26.  It’s trailerable, diesel-powered and will comfortably host a couple for extended weekend and vacation cruising.  Nordic Tugs made the interior very light and easy on the eyes to enhance the feeling of spaciousness and the design speaks to functional simplicity.  There is a nice little galley to port in the deckhouse, with a wet head and v-berth forward and below.  There is room for 4 people to overnight with the settee topside converting to a double berth.

The boat has classic Nordic Tugs lines — as well it should, since it was the first model in the line.  See our original story on the re-launch of this model for more of the history.  Nordic Tugs debuted the boat at the recent Seatte Boat Show after it had been in for its initial sea trials. The standard engine is the Volvo Penta D-3, rated at 110 hp.  Nordic Tugs has kept up the standard of equipment and finish on this boat.  An example is the Diamond Sea Glaze windows and doors that are standard.  Initial tests suggest a cruising speed of between 8-12 knots, with a top end around 15 knots.  You can see the specs on the Wilde Yacht Sales boat HERE.

Oh yeah, the price.  the Wilde-configured boat has a base price of $187,500, which is for a nicely outfitted boat that needs only some basic electronics to start exploring.

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Ambassador S.L. Abbott


Nordic Tugs are doing the boating world a favor by bringing back the 26.

I suggested that to Jim Cress two years ago
(when he left his new 52 at my dock here in
the Coronado Cays for a few months, to wait
out hte hurricane season before proceeding on
to Florida)

Jim Cress…may he rest in Peace. A great man, a good friend, and I miss him a lot.

S.L. Abbott

I haven’t met anyone who doesn’t share in the true sense of loss the marine industry feels regarding Jim Cress. I was lucky enough to have him host me for my first Nordic Tugs full-on boat test last April in Anacortes. We took the 37 out and he really put that boat through her paces. I was asking him about the articulated rudder some dealers and customers were installing to improve low-speed maneuverability, and he politely scoffed and proceeded to demonstrate what an accomplished helmsman could do by using short bursts of power and the prop-walk effect. Even when he disagreed with someone he was polite and gentlemanly, at least in my experience and I learned an awful lot that one day last Spring. Thanks for your comment.

Does anyone remember what the Nordic Tug 26 sold for back in the first run before they stopped building them in 1995?


David Evans

I thought the N-26 would help to carry Nordic Tugs through this recession. This is a sad day for American Boat Builders