Glacier Bay Adopts Yanmar for Diesel-Electric Base Power

Glacier Bay Opts for Yanmar diesels as power for its next-generation diesel-electric hybrids.

Glacier Bay Inc., the Union City, California-based energy management technology company, announced recently that it was standardizing on Yanmar diesel engines for its innovative marine diesel-electric system.  Early prototypes of the system had been using Mercedes diesels but the switch to Yanmar means boats using the Glacier Bay system will have a huge in-place global support network.  Yanmar marine diesels are used all over the world in both recreational and commercial applications.  “The industry is yearning for a reliable hybrid propulsion solution that can be easily serviced worldwide,” said Glacier Bay CEO, Marc Hoffman.

The Glacier Bay diesel-electric system is designed to efficiently manage the generation and distribution of electrical power aboard a boat for everything from hotel loads to propulsion.  The system places the diesel engine wherever it best suits the boat designer’s weight and balance requirements and connects it to the power system via electrical cables.  Glacier Bay developed high-efficiency DC-electric motors which can be coupled with conventional shaft systems or saildrives for powerful, quiet electric propulsion.

In the drawing below, Glacier Bay shows how a typical diesel-electric system might be used aboard a sailing cat for both basic electrical power requirements and propulsion, through the saildrives in each sponson.  Notice that the diesel generator, typically the heaviest component of any system, is here placed near the center of gravity, thereby adding to the stability of the boat and simplifying the balance calculations for trim and waterline.

Glacier Bay Diesel Electric Schematic

Glacier Bay Diesel Electric Schematic


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