Sailing Performance of the First Nordhavn 56 Motorsailer

Here are the first performance results from the sea trials of the new Nordhavn 56 Motorsailer with its new suit of sails hoisted.
First Nordhavn 56 Motorsailer Under Sail -- Photo: PAE

First Nordhavn 56 Motorsailer Under Sail -- Photo: PAE

Nordhavn this week released details of the performance under sail of its new 56 Motorsailer, which has been on sea trials with the Nordhavn commissioning team and its new owner, John Graham.  The assessment of these trials comes from parent company PAE’s president, Dan Streech, who says, “I think any questions as to whether the Nordhavn Motorsailer would be an adequate sailor  is now behind us.”

Equipped with a new suit of sales from industry leader North Sails, the N56 NordSail Onelogged 15 knots downwind and 6 knots SOG for the majority of its first trip under sail.  Owner John Graham reporter a subsequent log of 8.5 knots SOG while on a beam reach during a subsequent trip returning from last week’s TrawlerFest San Diego.
Here’s a small gallery of photos of the 56MS exercising its new suit of sails.

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Perhaps you can help me with the quote from the above report. What does it mean to log 15knots with a speed over ground of 6 knots. Was it 15 knots of wind?

Don – I suspect a grammar issue is the cause of the confusion. The report was that he experienced 15 knots while sailing downwind; and 6 knots SOG average over the course of the trip. That could have been written much better. Here’s a good link for performance details, both power and under sail, for the Nordhavn 56MS —

Thanks for your comment.