Congratulations to Our Favorite Marine Photographers!

Allen and Daniela Clark Wedding Photo Aboard RIB July 4 2009

Allen and Daniela Clark Wedding Photo Aboard RIB July 4 2009

We’re a little late with the congratulations but Allen and Daniela Clark of are such a unique and impressive couple we wanted to share not only the news of their summer nuptials but the photo, which, could ONLY be the photo you see here.

Allen and Daniela have done amazing work for us here at OceanLines and we’re not ashamed to put in a plug for them.  You will see them at most of the major sailing regattas along the eastern seaboard of the U.S.  They do quite a bit of commercial and editorial photography too, like they did for our story on the NordStar 31 here.  Despite their reputation as top photographers in the marine world, they charge real-world fees for their services and you might consider having them do a nice legacy photo shoot of your boat for you and your family.

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