Intellian Offers All-Americas LNB For Easy Western Hemisphere Sat TV Reception

New Intellian All Americas LNB for Sat TV

New Intellian All Americas LNB for Sat TV

Intellian this week announced a new, dual-band “All-Americas”tm Low Noise Block (LNB) for satellite TV.  According to the company, a simple press of a button will now allow boaters to switch between DIRECTV, Dish Network or ExpressVU in North America and DIRECTV Latin in Central and South America.

The All-Americas LNB eliminates the hassle of complex system reconfiguration and manually climbing the mast, removing the radome and changing the LNB unit when boating in a different service region. Offering a one-time simple installation for unfettered access to all satellite coverage regions in the Americas, the dual-band All-Americas LNB switches between 11.25 GHz and 10.5 GHz frequencies, for access to DIRECTV North America and DIRECTV Latin America, respectively.


The All-Americas LNB unit is compatible with Intellian’s t-series 3-axis and i-series 2-axis marine stabilized antenna systems. The receiver weighs 0.35-pounds, and has an operating temperature range of -22F (-30C) to 140F (60C) and a relative humidity range of 0 to 95%. Consistent with all Intellian marine TV antenna system, the all-in-one LNB solution, meets the company’s extremely high environmental testing standards. FCC and CE approved, the Intellian All-Americas LNB is protected by a 2-year parts and 1-year labor limited warranty.

Price & Availability:

The Intellian All-Americas LNB has a suggested retail price of US $995.00, and can be purchased from authorized Intellian dealers and distributors throughout the Americas. For more information on the Intellian All-Americas LNB, Intellian and its entire product line, compatible satellite networks, or international pricing and distribution please visit or call (949) 916-4411.

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Chris Watson

For OceanLines readers who already have a KVH TracVision system or are considering one, KVH’s Tri-Americas LNB provides simple switching among DIRECTV, DISH Network, and Bell TV (formerly ExpressVu) as well as DIRECTV Latin America and has been available as an upgrade to existing systems and as an option on new systems since February 2009.

Tri-Americas details:

For coverage maps: