Selene 66 Shows Her Rough Water Stuff

Selene 6603 at Sea in Beaufort Force 7 Conditions

Selene 6603 at Sea in Beaufort Force 7 Conditions

Returning recently from the Cannes international boat show, Selene Europe’s Mark Seaton had arranged for a helicopter photo shoot of the brand new Selene 66 (6603) he was driving. At least a hundred other boats were all attempting to head out to sea and pass around the famous headland Cap D’Antibes when the winds picked up to Beaufort 7 force (28-33 knots), with resulting wild seas. According to Seaton, all of the other boats turned back but he decided the weather was perfectly within the Selene’s capabilities and continued around the headland to the boat’s mooring in Antibes. 

The winds were so strong, however, the helicopter was forced to return to land, but not before it took some really fantastic at-sea running shots, which we have collected in a gallery below for your enjoyment.  When you look at the photos, keep in mind that the size of the boat makes the waves look smaller than they are.  You can see some pitching in the steep head seas, with the bulbous bow out of the water in a couple of the shots.  The design of the Selene bulb is meant to reduce slamming in this kind of pitching; the bottom of the bulb has a sharper entry that reduces the acceleration.

The photo gallery also includes some nice interior shots of 6603, with its beautiful woodwork, teak sole and state-of-the-art pilothouse helm station. The three staterooms are shown to good effect, as well.

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Beautiful shots of the Selene 66′ running at-sea w/the bulbous bow breaking through the waves! One of the interesting things I’ve noticed in the Selene trawlers is how different each one seems (semi-customized per owner). M/V Escapade, another Selene 66′ but in the NW, has a different arrangement and owner Bruce Jones did a fabulous job personalizing with his own NW taste. He was very involved and particular about what he wanted and I think the results are exceptional. Here’s a link to our post if interested: