2010 Newport to Bermuda Race Notice Posted

Newport Bermuda Race LogoIt is one of the most prestigious of all open-ocean sailing races, yet it is also, for many, a rite of passage(making).  The  635-mile 2010 Newport Bermuda Race will begin on June 18, 2010 off Castle Head, Newport, Rhode Island. The race is held every two years and is organized by the Cruising Club of America and the Royal Bermuda Yacht Club.  The race takes anywhere from three to six days, depending on the speed of the boat.  There are trophies and awards for several different divisions of racers and for all the classes of boats.

Online entries open January 18. Most of the key race documents have been completed and are available on the race website.  Inspection Booklets will be available soon.  The Newport Bermuda race requires that every boat be inspected for compliance with critical safety rules. Armchair sailors will also likely be able to follow the racers online, as in recent years, through a website that graphs the position and speed of all boats.

Richard Donn (center) with family and crew at race finish

If you would like to consider participating in future years, you might think about getting qualified as a crew member on a boat going this year. The race is still mostly amateurs and there’s no reason any sailor with open ocean experience, a well-founded boat and the proper equipment and crew can’t safely enjoy one of sailing’s greatest experiences.  We wrote about the experience of one first-timer here on OceanLines.

Even if you’re not going along, you can follow along at the race website which does a good job with special features, and information about the race’s history, awards and interesting characters.

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