Wilde Yachts and Brewers Team for 3 Years Free Dockage, Storage

Ranger Tugs 29' starboard running

Purchasers of a new in-stock Nordic Tug or Ranger Tug from Wilde Yachts in Essex, CT, will receive three years of free dockage and winter storage at a Brewers Marina near them. And if there’s no Brewers nearby, the deal applies to the local marina of the buyer’s choice. According to Wilde, the new promotion runs until March 15, 2010.

Only the Ranger 21 and Nordic 26, the two babies in the fleet, are excluded from the deal. Given what slip rates are in the northeast U.S., the deal is easily worth five figures. While we all know there’s no free lunch in life, this really is a good deal, especially if you can beat up Ben Wilde on the price of the boat itself (smile).  But seriously, a fair price on the boat and free dockage and storage is an example of how the dealers who survived the recession did so.  They got creative and found ways to solve customers’ problems for them.

Wilde Yachts recently took on the Ranger Tugs line of boats, which we’ve written about here on OceanLines. They’re great “pocket trawlers” with a big following, particularly in the Pacific northwest. I’m betting that with Wilde as the new dealer in southern New England, we’ll see a lot more of these cruising in the northeast. Ranger Tugs has also made some improvements to the 29, which we’ll be covering in an upcoming article.  In the meantime, you can see the Ranger Tugs and Nordic Tugs from Wilde at the Hartford Boat Show January 28, 31, at the Connecticut Convention Center.

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