Kadey-Krogen Offering New Krogen 52′ Trawler

New Kadey-Krogen 52' Trawler Rendering

New Kadey-Krogen 52' Trawler Rendering

Kadey-Krogen Yachts today, in a monthly newsletter to clients and interested followers, casually mentions that it is offering an entirely new model, the Krogen 52′. As you can see from the profile rendering above, the new trawler is definitely a Kadey-Krogen, with the tall, ship-like bow, classic pilothouse amidships, and rectangular portholes in the hull. In size, the new model fits nearly in the middle between the 48′ and 55′ Expedition.

In the newsletter, Kadey-Krogen says that it began discussing the boat with potential customers at the recent Trawler Fest in Fort Lauderdale, and that five hulls are already reserved. That should mean that construction on hull #1 should begin soon. I have heard from industry sources that the company will likely announce more details of the new Krogen 52′ soon, perhaps as early as the end of this week. I expect at that time we’ll have the initial specs for our readers, as well as some more light shed on the design particulars and features of the yacht.

Any way you look at it, this is a good sign for the industry. It means there are buyers out there for the right products.

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