Diesel Delivered to You at Anchor

Peterson Fuel Delivery Barge Brings Diesel -- Photo Jeffrey and Karen Siegel

Peterson Fuel Delivery Barge Brings Diesel -- Photo Jeffrey and Karen Siegel

Passing through Miami or Fort Lauderdale and need fuel? How about having it delivered to you at anchor by Peterson Fuel Delivery. They’ve been doing it for almost ten years but I didn’t know about it until Jeff and Karen Siegel took advantage of the service and wrote it up in their cruise blog, TakingPaws.

According to the Siegels, Peterson has high-speed pumps that are fully adjustable — a nice feature if you know your plumbing can’t handle more than 40 or 50 gallons per minute of fuel flow. I wish we had this kind of service in my cruising waters in the Northeast. I love having the Aldo’s Bakery visit my boat while I’m moored at Block Island, and having the pumpout boat come by my slip at the dock. Jeff and Karen agree that if we could just find a dog-walking service to come pick up the “kids,” there’d be no reason to leave the boat.

Do you know of other fuel delivery services? Let us know in the comments and make sure you log them into ActiveCaptain so everybody gets the gouge.

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