Ranger Tugs Offers New 25 Sport Cockpit

Ranger Tugs New R-25 Sport Cockpit

Ranger Tugs New R-25 Sport Cockpit

Ranger Tugs recently introduced a variation of the popular Ranger Tugs 25 — a Sport Cockpit version with an extra 16 inches of cockpit room. In the video below, you’ll see that they stole the 16 inches from the galley counter inside the house, but that it doesn’t seem to have taken away any capability.

Starboard View of New Ranger Tugs R-25 Sport Cockpit

Starboard View of New Ranger Tugs R-25 Sport Cockpit

Check out this video featuring Ranger Tugs’ Jeff Messmer, vice president of sales and marketing. It’s got some good shots of the boat and its major features.

One last item about the R-25SC — its base price is lower than the standard R-25. Not sure how they managed that, but it’s a good thing anyway, right? If you’d like to get into the nitty-gritty of Ranger Tugs trawlers, check in with the owners’ group website, “Tugnuts.” It’s an active group that shares lots of information and suggestions.

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Capt R Toutt: after several cruises in a 36′ trawler-yacht NW BC’s Inside-Passage, N/W. Vancouver Island, San Juans & Gulf Islands; I’d rather have those 16″ + 16″ back in the galley/salon for warm company& the cold/wet in my drink. How about a st

comment above

Capt R Toutt

[Ranger 25-SC]…a stable roof/deck above the cockpit for more open vista-move about area as a larger salon, galley or bridge is considered…as a sailor calls from the head, “go with the 29 footer”.