The Comark 19" Pilothouse Display Used in the New Pilothouse Computer

Comark Offers New All In One Pilothouse Computer

The Comark 19" Pilothouse Display Used in the New Pilothouse Computer

The Comark 19" Pilothouse Display Used in the New Pilothouse Computer

 Comark Corporation announced that it has developed a new pilothouse computer with integrated 19″ display. The Comark Pilothouse Computer features Intel Core Two Duo processor options, conformal coatings for corrosion resistance and a host of other pilothouse-friendly features.  Best of all perhaps, the price. Comark says the CPC is being offered at a starting price of $2,995, which is less than the cost of many marine monitors alone.

Given the integrated form factor, you probably won’t flush-mount this unit, but it comes with a sturdy base that can be secured to the helm dash or bolted to the overhead. Simply add power and GPS connections and you’re ready to go.  I’ll have the complete specs shortly, but in the meantime, here’s some more information from the Comark press release:

“Enclosed in an aluminum chassis, the system includes a heavy-duty base that can be hard mounted to the wheelhouse console or hung from the ceiling, if required. With the all in one design, installation can be as easy as securing the unit to the console, connecting power and GPS. The Pilothouse Computer utilizes a 19” LCD, with a 0 to 100% brightness control feature, allowing the operator to dim the brightness for very low-level light conditions, greatly improving night vision operations. The computer features Core 2 Duo Processing options, PCI expansion, and optional touchscreen. All electronics are conformal-coated to protect against corrosion. “The Pilothouse Computer is the perfect choice for many boat owners who see the value of a computer in their wheelhouse but have been frustrated trying to use a laptop or home PCs and monitors due to reliability and human factors. Our new Pilothouse Computer starts at $2995 and is a rugged, reliable and simple marine solution for them,” said Steve Schott, President of Comark.”

I’m going to nominate this unit for the 2010 innovation award — not just for the technology; all-in-one PCs are becoming more and more common — but for the whole package, including the reasonable price point. We’ve all been paying way too much for “marine” monitors and PCs and this is a huge step in the right direction.

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