First Nordhavn 63 Performance Data

First Nordhavn 63, named Silver Spray -- Photo by Owner, Courtesy of PAE

First Nordhavn 63, named Silver Spray -- Photo by Owner, Courtesy of PAE

Pacific Asian Enterprises, Inc., yesterday released the first published performance data for the new Nordhavn 63.  The data are from the first hull, Silver Spray, which was just delivered to its owner at PAE’s Stuart, Florida commissioning facility.  As you can see in the accompanying photo above, taken by the yacht’s owner, the N63 truly looks like the “next-generation” N62, the aft-pilothouse trawler that was a customer and fan favorite all through its production run.  PAE has a lot riding on this yacht and it could become the right model to help bring the next generation of luxury distance-cruising boaters to the brand.  It’s large enough to accommodate truly sumptuous appointments, yet small enough to be easily handled by a couple without crew.

The First Nordhavn 63, Silver Spray -- Photo Courtesy of PAE

The First Nordhavn 63, Silver Spray -- Photo Courtesy of PAE

In the table below, you can see that the sweet spot for cruising will be a little more than 8 knots.  The fuel consumption basically doubles from 8.1 knots to 9.30 knots.  And of course, as with nearly every other hull like this, if you slow down you get better range.  Here you can see the NMPG at 7.55 knots is 1.42, which is very good performance for a yacht that displaces about 143,000 lbs.

The N63 hull incorporates an interesting design detail called a “maintenance strake.”  We wrote about it here.

You can download the complete performance data sheet here.

Here is a link to the Nordhavn 63 webpage for full specs and information.

 Nordhavn 63 Cruise Performance Data

1216 7.55 5.30 1.42 41
1314 8.10 6.70 1.21 48
1597 9.30 12.70 0.73 75
1706 9.50 14.85 0.64 88
1803 9.80 17.05 0.57 100

*Performance based on average of 2 reciprocal-course runs.  Data from Nordhavn 6301, equipped with a single Lugger 1276, and a 5-bladed 42″ x 29.5″ P Hung Shen prop.

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