New Nordhavn 120 Construction Photos

Construction Update photo of new Nordhavn 120 Megayacht

Construction Update photo of new Nordhavn 120 Megayacht

Pacific Asian Enterprises, Inc., today passed along a new collection of informal photos updating the construction progress of the new Nordhavn 120.  The new-design megayacht will become the new queen of the Nordhavn fleet sometime late this year.  According to PAE,

“Work continues on the first hull of the future queenship of the Nordhavn line: the Nordhavn 120. The latest photos released by the South Coast factory last week illustrate progress on various interior sections of the N120. Evident are the glossy build-up coats of varnish on the cherry wood which will serve to prime the satin finish that the owners have chosen for the woodwork. ‘Even in its unfinished state, the boat is so impressive,’ notes Project Manager Trever Smith.”

Check out the updated Nordhavn 120 photo gallery below.

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Greetings Everyone; It appears that after a whole lot of hype, and a few very nice boats that “Pacific Expedition Yachts” is out of business. The phone number on their website does not answer (the response sounds like it is disconnected)… and their website is about a year out of date. Any update on this company after it moved; or did it simply go out of business? Thank You.

Their website links: