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OceanLines is both a company and an online boating news website.  OceanLines LLC is a creative arts company founded by Tom Tripp in 2007.   The company runs a boating news website and also provides content creation, editorial, photography and video services, as well as social media marketing operations for businesses and organizations that lack the in-house staff to cover all these bases.  Tom’s bio is here.

The website you are on now covers powerboat cruising topics.  It has boat, electronics and systems reviews, as well as feature stories about destinations and industry leaders.  If it’s news about a system or topic that might help you use your boat better, we’ll cover it.  Please don’t hesitate to suggest topics and send us information about stories you think we should cover.

If you’d like more information about us, please use our Contact for to send us a message.   We’ll get right back to you.

The OceanLines Boating News Website

OceanLines is an online publication featuring news about cruising and passagemaking boats, technology, people and destinations.   OceanLines is published by OceanLInes LLC, which is owned by Tom Tripp, who edits all and writes most of the stories.


OceanLines -The website for cruising boats.

OceanLines -The website for cruising boats.


OceanLines covers all things related to people traveling  on their boats. It generally does not cover runabouts, small fishing boats or other marine vessels not intended for liveaboard cruising.  In OceanLines you will read about the latest trawlers, cruisers, semi-displacement and hybrid boats, as well as some unique vessels that are not adequately described by such categories.  OceanLines also covers the people who make these trips, their experiences and adventures, as well as their opinions and recommendations for others of a like mind.


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