Advertising on OceanLines is an extremely efficient way to direct your message to exactly the audience you are trying to reach.  You don’t have to worry that you spent thousands on a one-time, full-page ad in a print magazine that only has a fraction of its readership interested in your kind of boat or product.

OceanLines has become the premier independent online website devoted to news about passagemaking boats, technology, people and places.  The more than 12,000 unique monthly visitors to OceanLines are, by self-selection, interested in only cruising and passagemaking boats, technology, people and destinations.  If that’s your market space, this is the place you should be advertising.


  • OceanLines receives nearly a million hits per month
  • Readers are located in 144 countries  –  most are in the United States, Canada, Australia, Great Britain, Germany and France
  • 85% of OceanLines readers are over 35 years old, 47% over 50
  • 66% of OceanLines readers are college graduates, 20% post graduates
  • Most are empty-nesters with above-average income

Advertising with us is as simple as dropping us an e-mail with your instructions and ad attached.  We’ll get it up and running right away, usually in a matter of hours.  Not only will you be targeting a very specific group of boat owners, but you’ll have extreme flexibility in doing so.  You can change your message to the reader with the drop of an email and adapt to special events or needs.

Our rates are extremely competitive and compared to print costs, you’ll be pleased to see how inexpensively you can get directly to the people you want to reach.  And if you’ve decided to re-focus your ad buy on a different product or service, we can make that change instantly.  You don’t have to wait 6-10 weeks for another print cycle.

In short:  OceanLines offers you the opportunity to:

  • reach a specific target group around the world.
  • be flexible and quick communicating with your targeted audience.
  • change formats and ad sizes to best convey your message.
  • time your ad to coincide with shows, new product releases, etc.


Rates and Sizes

Possible ad sizes and rates per month:

468 x 60   Top Banner $200
468 x 60   Middle Banner $175
300 x 250   Right Medium Rectangle $250
150 x 125   1/4 of Right Medium Rectangle   $75
160 x 600   Left Wide Skyscraper $200
160 x 600   Right Wide Skyscraper $175

We can accommodate virtually any IAB-standard ads, including animated and flash versions.  If you don’t see a format or position listed here, just drop us a line and tell us what you’d like to do.  We’ll make it happen.

Special Opportunities

We can also host your own blog or Twitter feed here on OceanLines.  How creative are you?  How about putting your Twitter feed in a big rectangle at the top-right portion of the page?  If you’re a broker, you can feature a different yacht every hour; every 10 minutes; whatever you feel like doing with your feed.  If you’re a builder, you can highlight different model pages or news items.  The possibilities are endless, and inexpensive.

Drop us a line and we’ll talk about how to put together a campaign on OceanLines that delivers your message to your audience.