Navionics Boating App Updated With U.S. Govt. Charts, New Features

An updated Navionics Boating app for iPads and iPhones now includes free NOAA electronic charts and great new features. Update now and get on the water safely!

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Annual Top 10 Boat Names List from BoatUS

BoatUS recently released its annual list of the top 10 boat names in the U.S. Is your boat name on the list?

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Smallest Personal Locator Beacon Available from Ocean Signal

Personal Locator Beacons, like the new rescueME PLB1 from Ocean Signal, offer a huge safety advantage for boaters.

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Argonaut Offers Android-Powered Smart MFD

Love all those Android apps but wish there was a more integrated way to use them at the helm? Argonaut Computer last week announced the A615 smart MFD.

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Navionics at Center of ICW Magenta Line Renovation

Navionics is helping NOAA reestablish a useful “magenta line” in charts of the IntraCoastal Waterway.

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Navionics Plotter Sync Wirelessly Updates Charts on Raymarine plotters

Written by on March 11, 2014 in Electronics, GPS, Marine Electronics, seamanship, Technology with 0 Comments

If you own a wirelessly enabled chartplotter from Raymarine  and you use charts from Navionics, your life is about to get MUCH simpler. An updated Navionics app on your iPhone or iPad will download daily chart updates, and then when you are within range of your wireless-enabled chartplotter from Raymarine (with the latest firmware update, […]

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Marine Navigation on Android Arrives in Style

Written by on July 31, 2013 in Electronics, seamanship, Technology with 3 Comments

Well, it’s not that you couldn’t do it before, but now you can do it with Plan2Nav, a world-class app, C-MAP charts by Jeppesen, and seamless integration of critical cruising data from ActiveCaptain.

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Northport Systems Announces Fugawi Marine 5

Written by on February 1, 2012 in Electronics, seamanship, Technology with 0 Comments

Northport Systems announced that its newest marine navigation software, Fugawi Marine 5, will be available at the end of March for new purchase and upgrade from Fugawi Marine ENC. According to the company, Fugawi Marine 5 takes advantage of the latest Windows technology, including a touch-screen control optimized for use with Win 7 and 8 […]

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ActiveCaptain Expands Dramatically with Routes and More Reviews, the crowd-sourced database of local navigation and cruising knowledge, has been expanding its offerings over the last couple of months with some significant new capabilities.  The two most important, in my view, involve route-sharing and an allied site devoted to captain reviews of boating-related services.  Here’s a quick rundown on some of the new developments. […]

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When Chesapeake Bay Becomes a Hurricane Hole for a Ship

Written by on September 6, 2011 in Cruising Under Power, seamanship with 0 Comments

A fascinating blog entry yesterday on the Kadey-Krogen Yachts website recounts the Hurricane Irene experience of Chesapeake ship pilot Bill Band, father of Shannon Band, KKY’s marketing manager.  Band was one of two pilots who took the 960-foot Carnival Pride out of the Port of Baltimore and into the Bay to ride out the hurricane.  […]

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Expedition Medical Kits — For Journeys Long and Short

The Expedition Medical Chest series is unlike the cheap kits you get from the typical marine supply house, these kits are stocked with professional-grade supplies and tools to help you deal with health emergencies while at sea.

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Time to Check Your Insurance for Hurricane Coverage

An updated 2011 Atlantic basin hurricane forecast from Colorado State University yesterday should serve as a reminder to all East Coast and Gulf Coast boaters to check their insurance policies for hurricane coverage.  More importantly, now is the time to create your own “hurricane plan”  — whether it is to move the boat, haul it, secure […]

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Maybe You Don’t Need 3G on Your iPad 2?

Brian Chen, at Wired, has a piece today that suggests a clever way to avoid having to pay the extra money for a 3G version of the iPad 2 just to get GPS and phone data network capability.  The solution basically involves using your current Smartphone as a wireless hotspot.  Here’s an excerpt of his […]

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Routes Function in ActiveCaptain Will Change the Game

I know that’s a bold statement, but when I can have access to a library that will eventually likely hold many thousands of already planned (by me AND other boaters) routes, and then someday soon use those routes with more ActiveCaptain technology to tell me what’s up ahead, I will be in a different place […]

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Vessel Assist San Diego Refloats Sunken Nordhavn 75 EYF

Written by on March 15, 2011 in Maintenance & DIY, People & Profiles, seamanship with 0 Comments

Vessel Assist San Diego routinely performs some pretty amazing salvage work, but refloating a 150-ton Nordhavn 75 EYF that sank in its slip in San Jose del Cabo, Mexico, was an especially prodigious effort since it required driving all the proper salvage equipment 24 hours down the Mexican penninsula. You can read the full story […]

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