RFP for Electronics for New Krogen 55 Expedition

Date:               January, 2009

To:                   Marine Electronics Companies

From:              The Traveler Family

Subject:          Request for Proposed Outfitting of New Kadey-Krogen 55’ Expedition Yacht


We are a newly retired couple, with more than 35 years of boating experience, and we have just purchased a brand new Kadey-Krogen 55’ Expedition yacht.  We are seeking to outfit our new passagemaker with a complete electronics suite and would like to hear your best ideas and recommendations.  Below you will find a specific list of requirements.  We do not have a set budget for this project, but would appreciate it if you could recommend two levels of outfitting; one that would be considered complete and appropriate, and a second that would be considered top-of-the-line, so-to-speak.

Our Cruising Plan

Like many cruisers in our age group, we spend northern hemisphere winters in the warmer, tropical and sub-tropic waters and during summer we tend to cruise northern waters.  We intend to take our boat to both maritime Canada and to Alaska, as well as south through Central America, the Canal and the Caribbean.  We are currently thinking of joining a transatlantic rally during the summer of 2010 after we’ve had a year to work out all the bugs (we’re sure there won’t be many).  We are not afraid of technology and we’ve learned to use GPS perimeter alarms and radar perimeter alarms while anchored.  We do like to use a weather router/forecaster and like to follow the many cruise nets on SSB radio.  We would like to have as much reliable integration as possible with our system, so that components talk to one another, and if we can integrate our new electronically controlled engines and transmissions, that would be great.  We do NOT have a flying bridge on our boat, but it would be nice to know to what extent your system can accommodate integration with a second helm station on a flybridge, or with port and/or starboard pilothouse wing stations, which are standard on this boat, typically equipped with shift/throttle/thruster controls.

Final Caveats

Please make your recommendations as detailed as possible.  We will obtain our own estimates for purchase and installation costs using authorized dealers whenever possible.  If you have optional equipment to suggest, please tell us what the benefit of that system would be; in other words, why you would recommend it.  If you have alternatives to propose, please tell us which would be better for which particular circumstance or situation. 

Requested Equipment or Capability

Large-format chartplotter (our eyes aren’t as good as they used to be)

Powerful enough radar with reliable chartplotter overlay

ARPA of some sort, with perimeter alarm capability for anchorage safety/awareness

At least a second display unit capable of serving as a backup or complementary display and capable of showing something different from the first display

Fish/depth finder.  We do sometimes fish and we do like to know what is on the bottom around us. This needs to be integrated into the displays provided

Weather display.  We have become enamored of the subscription-based, real-time weather information that can be overlaid on chartplotters for enhanced awareness in U.S. coastal cruising.

Weather fax reception.  We do still like to be able to look at traditional weather maps, particularly where real-time weather services may not be available.  If we need special receivers, transceivers, modems, printers and antennae for this, please include in the proposal

AIS.  We really like the idea of being able to see other commercial and otherwise regulated traffic out there.  If you think we should use a full-blown AIS, as opposed to a receive-only, please include that and your rationale in the proposal.

Communications.  We obviously need redundant VHF communications with full Class D DSC capability, ideally integrated with our chartplotting when receiving DSC broadcasts from other boats.  We also need SSB communications and we would like to integrate the SSB with one of our onboard laptops for e-mail.  We would also like to equip our boat with enhanced Wi-Fi reception and would consider, at least for 2010 and the transatlantic rally, some kind of satellite communication capability.  We plan to have satellite TV reception aboard; if your company offers that capability please include in the proposal.

Remote monitoring.  We mentioned earlier possibly including engine monitoring functions in our “bridge system.”  We may also consider more extensive monitoring, via sensor, or camera, other systems onboard, including perhaps a webcam with wireless connection to the Internet so we can check on the boat while we are ashore.  We would also like to consider integrating an aft cockpit camera to assist with docking and for security monitoring capability.

Master Stateroom Monitor.  We have become accustomed to having a controllable display in our stateroom so that we can monitor GPS perimeter and radar perimeter settings, displays and alarms.  We will also have a large flat-screen monitor in that stateroom.  If you can integrate the nav/monitor display into that, all the better.

Main salon.  Ideally, we would like to display our current navigation information (display only) on our flat-screen television in the salon.

Entertainment.  If your company offers entertainment systems, or can accommodate integration of entertainment systems (sat TV, video and music libraries, live terrestrial and sat radio) please let us know in the proposal.

Tender.  We would like to be able to monitor the location of our tender.  If you have or are aware of a capability to do this, please include. 



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