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2008 Nordic Tugs 42-105 Shown on Long Island Sound

2008 Nordic Tugs 42-105 Shown on Long Island Sound

It is certainly far too early to call an end to the financial turmoil that has wracked the United States and many other countries for the last several months, but some observers in the financial community are beginning to counsel their clients to start looking for bargains among the detritus of demolished investments.  Potential boat buyers, particularly those looking for good deals on passagemaking-style boats, might consider that advice as well.  There are some stunning deals out there.

For example, Wilde Yacht Sales, in Essex, Connecticut, which is the Northeast regional dealer for Nordic Tugs has an offer on the table for its in-stock tugs that should tempt anyone even thinking about buying.  For starters, Wilde is offering a 2008 Nordic Tugs 42, which normally lists for close to $800,000, for $719,186 (not sure how you get $186, but there you have it).  That is substantially lower than at any time in the last five years, and represents a competitive price for an east-coast, flybridge-equipped 42.  The boat is hull #104 and it’s fully equipped with electronics, and upgraded interior furnishings, including screens on doors and day/night shades.

Wilde is also offering a special deal on Nordic Tug 37-193; a boat that was originally listed at $538, 740, and is now priced at $484,874.  This 37 is also fully equipped both from the factory and with the usual Wilde package of enhancements.  Wilde representative Paul Tortora said today that the dealer also has a 32 on the way that will likely also be elegible for a significant price break.

And if the low price doesn’t quite get you there, Wilde is offering three years of dockage, scheduled maintenance and fuel.  Occasionally, you might get a dealer to throw in a slip at a marina it has a relationship with, for maybe the rest of the summer if you’re buying in Spring, but this deal from Wilde is for three years worth of dockage, wherever YOU dock.  Actually, what they did is take the average of 5-6 marinas on the Connecticut coast, including a Brewers yard that northeast boaters will recognize as a premium yard, and that’s the amount they will give you.  For maintenance, Wilde talked to both Volvo and Cummins representatives and estimated the costs for the first three years of scheduled maintennance tasks.  For fuel, they figured an average of about 115 hours per year, which is about right for a trawler owner in the northeast; it might even be a tad generous given the short seasons.  Wilde calls the incentive “Three Free for Three.”

Nordic Tugs has, like several other manufacturers, been offering factory incentives to help dealers clear out the inventory backlogs.  Even if you’re not interested in a Nordic Tug, check with your trawler dealer of choice; odds are there are some pretty impressive incentives available.  The winter boat show schedule is upon us.  Make some plans to get to one of these shows.  Have a look at the NMMA show database here:

NMMA Boat Show Calendar

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