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Sea Fare – Culinary (and other) Adventures on a Globe-Girdling Yacht

Sea Fare: A Chef's Journey Across the Ocean, by Victoria Allman

Sea Fare: A Chef's Journey Across the Ocean, by Victoria Allman

Victoria Allman is a classically trained chef whose wanderlust took her to sea for nine years as a chef aboard a megayacht.  She has collected her memories of that experience in Sea Fare — A Chef’s Journey Across the Ocean.  Readers here on OceanLines are, by definition, interested in travel, adventure, yachts and food. Allman’s experiences finding new ingredients and recipes in all her international ports will inspire cruisers of all kinds to be more adventurous and add new dimensions to their own onboard cooking.

Sea Fare is a fully dimensioned memoir, although the central narrative thread is Allman’s culinary responsibilities.  She writes also of the larger experience of living and working aboard a yacht and even about finding love.  Her food-related adventures include buying fish from an “olive-skinned Italian wrinkle of a man,” traveling up a muddy river in Papua New Guinea past “wide-eyed, crusty-nosed children with bloated bellies to barter for bananas among women with breasts sagging to their bellies,” and snorkeling the Bombay-colored shallows of the South Pacific “in pursuit of one of the world’s deadliest creatures for dinner, led by a Tahitian man with dark tribal tattoos of tikis, turtles, and rays” running up and down his body.

The short promotional video below will give you a taste for the book.

Sea Fare: A Chef’s Journey Across the Ocean is available at, Amazon and at independent bookstores.

Sea Fare: A Chef’s Journey Across the Ocean by Victoria Allman; Nonfiction; $12.95 ISBN: 978-1-935254-01-0

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