Catalytic Converters for Crusader Inboard Engines

One of the new product innovations I saw while blogging the Miami International Boat Show for Mad Mariner was the new emissions control technology from Crusader.  Crusader inboard engines, with the exception of the largest model — the 8.1L — have been fitted with catalytic converters in order to meet California emissions rules.  Crusader reps at the Miami Boat Show today told me that by 2010, all Crusaders manufactured will have the new emissions control enhancements, which reportedly dramatically lower levels of all pollutants.  The Crusader engineers developed a special system capable of safely existing in a saltwater environment and gave it the trademark of Catanium.

Crusader’s New Catalytic Converters

Crusader has also recently advised its customers to install water-separating fuel filters where gas with ethanol is being used.  These should be in addition to the on-engine filters that already exist.  This means that boaters with gasoline-powered inboards are now subject to the same water filtering requirements as boaters with diesels have been all along.  In fact, I was talking with reps from Parker-Hannifin’s RACOR brand and they indicate the filter material is the same for both diesel and gas filters.  The filter housings are different because of U.S. Coast Guard rules regarding safety in the higher-risk gasoline environment.  Parker-Hannifin and Crusader both recommend using the smallest possible filtration elements — 2 microns would be best.

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