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Island Pilot DSe Hybrid to Air on Discovery Channel’s HD Theater

HD Theater “World’s Most Expensive Rides” Sunday, March 7th at 9 p.m. EST (check your local listings for other times).

Island Pilot DSe 12m Hybrid Enjoys Energy Independence in the sun.

Island Pilot DSe 12m Hybrid Enjoys Energy Independence in the Sun.

Last winter Reuben Trane, owner of Island Pilot was contacted by the producers of Discovery Channel’s HD Theater who were interested in featuringhis DSe Hybrid 12m in an episode about the world’s most expensive rides. The show’s crew met Reuben and his wife, Cheryl, in Key Largo for time on board the DSe to experience her quiet ride and hybrid technology. Episode 9 in “The World’s Most Expensive Rides” series airs this Sunday, March 7 at 9 p.m. EST and will feature the DSe in one of its three segments.

The DSe was introduced in the fall of 2008. Built in Zhuhai City, China, the DSe 12m was America’s first hybrid pleasure cruising vessel combining diesel, solar, and electric technologies. The integrated nature of the diesel, solar, and electric components provides various fuel-efficient cruising options as well as the ability to be independent from shore power for days on end. The cutting edge technology used to power the DSe is balanced with a comfortable and inviting interior equipped with efficient galley components and high-quality entertainment systems.

A 6kW solar array can generate enough energy to stay at anchor indefinitely. When operated in electric zero-emissions mode, the DSe can run up to 5 knots with additional energy supplied from the two banks of 48-volt Lithium battery arrays. For added speed, a pair of 75hp Steyr Monoblock engines supply power and can operate on diesel, bio-diesel, or 100% bio-fuel. Boat handling is simplified by the fly-by-wire system with a bridge steering station and remote control.

Base price for the DSe 12m is $600,000, which certainly puts it in the “expensive ride” category, but frankly, that pales in comparison to the $20 million titanium car that is also in Sunday’s program.  I’d rather have the DSe 12m.

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