Simrad Yachting Launches New Touch-Screen MF Displays

Simrad Yachting Launches New Touch-Screen MF Displays

Simrad NSS Sport Family Displays

Simrad NSS Sport Family Displays

Simrad Yachting last week announced a new series of touch-screen multifunction displays — the NSS Sport Series.  Available in 7-inch, 8-inch, and 12-inch models, the NSS Sport units feature LED backlighting and allow the user to control the display with the touchscreen, keypad and/or the “Simrad Yachting-signature” rotary control knob.

My friend Ben Ellison at Panbo was one of a special group of marine journalists invited to the product unveiling in Palma, Spain, last week and he’s got lots of details and thoughts on the overall Navico product strategy.  I haven’t had a chance yet to test the new MFDs but when I do I’ll report here on them.  In the meantime, here are some of the details from the Simrad Yachting press release:

The Simrad NSS Sport range features high-brightness (1200 NIT) bonded LED displays in 6.4-inch (VGA), 8-inch (SVGA) and 12-inch (XGA) diagonal screen sizes. All support NMEA 2000®, SimNet and composite video input. The NSS series uses little power and is designed for use in 12 and 24V DC power systems. The system has an operating temperature range of 5 degrees to 131 degrees Fahrenheit (-15 degrees to 55 degrees Celsius); like the NSE and NSO multifunction displays, the NSS Sport is waterproof to the IPx7 standard, and protected by a two-year limited parts and labor warranty. The new Simrad NSS Sport is also covered by Simrad Yachting’s 24-hour exchange program. In the unlikely event that the device is identified as defective within the first year of warranty, Simrad Yachting will ensure shipment of a replacement device within 24 hours.

The Simrad NSS7, NSS8 and NSS12 have suggested retail prices of $1,895, $2,845 and $3,995 US, respectively, and can be purchased from authorized Simrad Yachting dealers and distributors throughout the United States and Canada. For more information on the Simrad NSS Sport touch-screen navigation system, or the entire line of Simrad Yachting professional-grade marine electronics, contact 800-628-4487 (toll-free) in the USA or visit www.simrad-yachting.com.

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Raymarine Extends Warranties to Three Years for Registered Products


Raymarine Three-Year Warranty Promo Image

Raymarine Three-Year Warranty Promo Image

Raymarine, a division of FLIR Systems, said today it would offer a third year of warranty to owners who register their products online with the company.  The standard two-year warranty otherwise applies.  The third year is offered at no cost.  The warranty upgrade is applicable to all new products purchased starting January 1, 2011.

In addition to getting the third year of warranty service, a reason to register your product online is to gain “owner-only access” to product software updates and Raymarine’s “extensive online knowledge base of technical support questions and solutions.”

The web address to register your new Christmas present for the third year of warranty is www.raymarine.com/warranty .  You will be prompted to create an account at Raymarine, which generally drives me nuts for incidental questions and concerns, but it’s probably worth it if you (or Santa) just spent a significant amount of money on a new piece of gear.

The company said that Raymarine owners also benefit from the recently launched Raymarine Rapid Care™ Warranty service program. Raymarine Rapid Care service promises the fast return of replacement equipment during the first year of the product’s warranty. In the event a Raymarine product requires service during the first year of the three‐year warranty period, Raymarine will provide a replacement product within 2 business days of receiving the product at Raymarine’s Merrimack, New Hampshire repair facility (excluding shipping time).

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Judging Innovation in the Boat-Building Biz

As I write this, I’m on my way back home from the “IBEX” international Boatbuilders Exhibition in Louisville, Kentucky, where I served as one of the judges in a panel that gave out a series of awards to recognize innovation in new products.  IBEX is a unique, trade-only show where the people who make everything that goes into boatbuilding and repair and maintenance try to sell their products to the boatbuilders, repairers and maintainers.  There are no boats (mostly) at this show; just all the stuff it takes to make and service them.  

And I saw some pretty cool new stuff.  I also saw some solutions in search of a problem, and some I just couldn’t figure out.  My industry colleague Zuzana Prochazka, who is the chair of the Boating Writers International Awards Judging Committee (oh yeah, and also the current president of BWI), has a good write-up on the awards here at her blog, “Talk of the Dock.”   

Here are a couple of my own highlights from the show, not all of which were entered in the Innovation Awards competition:  

Torqeedo Power 26-104 Lithium Battery

Torqeedo Power 26-104 Lithium Battery

The new Torqeedo Lithium battery, the Power 26-104. This replaces the current main Torqeedo battery for the company’s high-efficiency electric outboard motors. Lithium battery technology just keeps getting better and more affordable and, I think, in the foreseeable future, we will all be running some form of Lithium-Ion battery in all of our vehicles, maybe even for direct propulsion power.  The new Power 26-104 will set you back a bit (MSRP of $2,499) but with a capacity of 2.7 kWh, you’re getting a power density of $0.93/Wh, which is highly competitive. In the meantime, if you’re looking for a simple, and perfectly green solution to your yacht tender power problem, the Torqeedo outboards, powered by this new high power-density and cost-effective battery, are something you should consider.  

ProMariner ProNautic 1240P Battery Charger

ProMariner ProNautic 1240P Battery Charger

ProMariner was showing a new battery management device, the ProNautic P Series. If you’re looking for a state-of-the-art charging system that will be able to handle the batteries you currently have, as well as the Lithium-Ion batteries you know you will eventually have, take a look at this series. It’ll handle just about any typical marine power input and then the sophisticated software and digital conversion and management features will lovingly feed and caress your batteries, ensuring that they are charged, and even conditioned, perfectly. They’ve got nice digital displays that tell you simply whether you have any of the typical faults in your battery configuration, like wiring and polarity problems. These are great examples of high-tech at affordable prices ($199 to $699 depending on the unit).  In fact, this unit won the award for most innovative new product in the electrical equipment category at this week’s IBEX show. 

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Can’t Choose Which Satellite Weather Product to Buy?

Well, I can’t tell you which one to buy, but I can suggest a solution to the hardware dilemma.  Given that the U.S. government has just approved the merger between Sirius and XM,  it’s a fair bet that eventually you won’t have to choose one weather subscription over the other for your passagemaking needs.  After all, rationalization of product lines is one of the hallmarks of corporate mergers.  In the meantime, however, how do you ensure you don’t waste money on the wrong antenna?  The two products use different satellite transmitters and each requires its own optimized antenna.

New Shakespeare SRA-40 Satellite Radio Antenna

New Shakespeare SRA-40 Satellite Radio Antenna

Well, as Shakespeare would say, “buy both.” Shakespeare Electronic Products Group, that is. They announced a new Galaxy SRA-40 satellite radio antenna yesterday that has been approved by the engineering departments of both Sirius and XM. One way to look at the benefit of such a multi-tasking antenna is that no matter which service you already have, this antenna will pull it out of the ether for your chartplotter or radio.  Another way to consider this is that you can pick either Sirius or XM weather and radio now and not worry if the one you didn’t pick turns out to be the corporate surivor.

The antenna is quite small — 3.5″ in diameter and 1.35″ high.  It comes with  a special 25′ low-loss cable featuring a quick-disconnect, gold-plated TNC connector at the antenna’s base.  It requires no separate power cable.  The antenna’s single-cable design fits newer receivers, and a separate SRS-1 adapter retrofits to older, dual input models.  Optional 35′, 50′, 90′ and 135′ cable kits are available.  There are a number of mounting options and adaptors to handle unique situations.

Shakespeare’s Galaxy SRA-40 Satellite Radio Antenna has a limited 1-year warranty and a suggested retail price of just $109.95.  Here’s the contact info for Shakespeare:

Shakespeare Electronic Products Group,
6111 Shakespeare Rd., Columbia, SC  29223 
Tel:  803-227-1590; Fax:  803-419-3099

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