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New Spy Photos of Nordic Tugs 49

Photo: Steve Tripp       Exclusive photo of the first hull of the new Nordic Tugs 49 Series

Exclusive photo of the first hull of the new Nordic Tugs 49 Series. Photo: Fidalgo Falcon

Ok, they’re not really spy photos:  The boat is out in plain view in a public facility, but if you want to see it you’ll have to be at the Seattle Boat Show starting next week because Nordic Tugs hasn’t released any company photos of hull #1.  These shots, exclusive to OceanLines, were taken by our associate in Anacortes, Washington, where the first hull is currently undergoing builder’s sea trials.  We first reported on the launch of hull #1 last month.

The NT-49 exhibits a level of fit and finish, at least on the exterior, that surpasses even its well-made predecessors. The hull finish is impeccably smooth, the stainless all looks heavy and polished, and the graceful, distinct curve of the sheer line is seriously elegant.

Seen from the bow, the NT-49 retains the shippy, workmanline pose of her tugboat ancestry, with a proud stem and substantial wheelhouse.  Notice the significant chine that runs all the way to the bow, creating a sharper and narrower entry for the hull below that level, while also doing spray-control duty.  Hull #1 does not have a flybridge, but I suspect many will be ordered, particularly for owners in southern climes. The centerline transom door is obvious in the stern shots here, as are the stainless-rimmed hawse holes.

Enjoy the gallery below.

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