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Raymarine Extends Warranties to Three Years for Registered Products


Raymarine Three-Year Warranty Promo Image

Raymarine Three-Year Warranty Promo Image

Raymarine, a division of FLIR Systems, said today it would offer a third year of warranty to owners who register their products online with the company.  The standard two-year warranty otherwise applies.  The third year is offered at no cost.  The warranty upgrade is applicable to all new products purchased starting January 1, 2011.

In addition to getting the third year of warranty service, a reason to register your product online is to gain “owner-only access” to product software updates and Raymarine’s “extensive online knowledge base of technical support questions and solutions.”

The web address to register your new Christmas present for the third year of warranty is .  You will be prompted to create an account at Raymarine, which generally drives me nuts for incidental questions and concerns, but it’s probably worth it if you (or Santa) just spent a significant amount of money on a new piece of gear.

The company said that Raymarine owners also benefit from the recently launched Raymarine Rapid Care™ Warranty service program. Raymarine Rapid Care service promises the fast return of replacement equipment during the first year of the product’s warranty. In the event a Raymarine product requires service during the first year of the three‐year warranty period, Raymarine will provide a replacement product within 2 business days of receiving the product at Raymarine’s Merrimack, New Hampshire repair facility (excluding shipping time).

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