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Hide-a-Davit Hangs the Dinghy Off the Swim Platform

Hide-a-Davit from LaConner Maritime in the "up" position

Hide-a-Davit from LaConner Maritime in the "up" position

There are lots of options for hanging the dink off the swim platform; some better than others and among all a wide range of cost variation.  The Hide-a-Davit demonstrated in this LaConner Maritime video is one example of a fairly sophisticated system, involving hydraulic rams to raise and lower capture arms.

Hide-a-Davit from LaConner Maritime in the "down" position

Hide-a-Davit from LaConner Maritime in the "down" position

This particular system features stainless steel in the actuator elements and powder-coated aluminum in the support arms. The hydraulic lines are under the platform but go through the hull above the waterline, which is a nice thing. There are also braces installed under the platform.

If you’ve got a platform like this on your cruiser and you’re interested, check in with LaConner and get a specific price quote for your boat. I don’t think this is beyond the capability of an experienced DIYer, but anytime you’re talking about installing and plumbing hydraulic systems and running lines through the hull, there’s a lot to do right.

If you have experience with this system, or another, let us know in the comments and we’ll take a look at those, too.

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Nautical Structures Offers New, Lightweight 1000-Pound Davit

Nautical Structures Davit

Nautical Structures TECH-1000-2 Davit

Nautical Structures, with a factory in Largo, Florida and a worldwide network of sales and authorized service facilities, last week announced a new lightweight hydraulic davit, the TECH-1000-2.  This davit can handle a working load up to 1,000 pounds in all boom positions.  According to the company, the davit weighs in at just 165 pounds, the all-aluminum TECH-1000-2 is 35 percent lighter and stronger than comparable davit designs and priced at just under $US10,000, complete with  18″ mounting standpipe and hydraulic power unit.  “This is a true value design for small to mid-sized yachts that gives yacht dealers and owners a real cost-benefit advantage,” said Bob Blue, Nautical Structures sales manager.

Download the TECH-1000-2 Spec Sheet here.

The TECH-1000-2 features a fully faired and painted finish to match the paint color of the yacht.  The company uses two coats of Awlgrip to match boat color.  Hydraulic slew (optional), boom-luff and linear winch provide smooth and quiet performance.  The boom stows in an eight-foot or nine-foot design and reaches full boom-length potential under full rated load capacity.  The optional hydraulic motor for slewing the davit can be ordered for 180 or 360 degrees of travel.  The relatively modest standpipe requirement for this davit — 18 inches — means a boat owner should have a little more flexibility with mounting locations.

Founded in 1986, Nautical Structures manufactures more than 40 models of high-performance davits and yacht cranes for the world luxury yacht market, ranging in capacity from 800 to over 25,000 pounds. For more information about the new TECH-1000-2 automated davit and other Nautical Structures products visit www.nautical-structures.com.

Nautical Structures Tech1000

Nautical Structures Tech1000

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