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Teenager Finishes Youngest-Ever Solo Circumnavigation


U.S. teenager Zac Sunderland this week finished a solo circumnavigation, making him, at 17, the youngest ever to accomplish such a feat.  His 13-month, 26,000-mile voyage began and ended at Marina del Rey, California and took the young sailor above and below the equator, through pirate-infested waters, around Cape Horn and through the Panama Canal.  There’s been lots of news coverage of the trip over the last couple of days, so we won’t repeat all the details here but it’s quite an accomplishment for anyone, never mind someone not old enough to vote.

Profile of Zac Sunderland's Intrepid

Profile of Zac Sunderland's Intrepid

The American Sailing Association notes that fewer than 250 people have successfully solo-circumnavigated.  Three times that number have scaled Mt. Everest, just to put the accomplishment in some perspective.  ASA has an interesting press release on Zac’s record-breaking trip, along with some interesting trivia about circumnavigations and circumnavigators here.

You can read more details of Zac’s trip at his blog and you can follow the progress of some other circumnavigators on a special page of The Deep Radio Show here.

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