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Nordhavn Launches Distance Pennant Program

Nordhavn Distance Pennant Program

Nordhavn Distance Pennant Program

 Pacific Asian Enterprises today announced a unique new program to track the mileage of its Nordhavn brand owners’ yachts.  Called the “Nordhavn Distance Pennant Program,” the initiative has owners log their trips and engine hours and mileage on the Nordhavn website, where the individual accomplishments and the fleet totals are shown.

The first pennant is awarded after 2,500 nautical miles.  Subsequent pennants, each a unique color, will be awarded for additional 5,000 NM increments. PAE says it doesn’t matter how the miles are accumulated; whether on one long trip; many short ones, or even over multiple Nordhavns owned.

According to the company’s Director of Marketing,  Jennifer McCauley Stern, the program was created “to demonstrate how potent the cruising spirit is amongst the Nordhavn family.”  She said the company thinks this program will not only highlight the true ocean passagemaking abilities of the Nordhavn yachts, but provide a nice acknowledgment to recognize the accomplishments of the owners.

PAE noted the history of pennant use aboard ship.  In its announcement to the owners, PAE said, “The history of flags and the history of the sea have been intertwined. From at least the early 19th century, it has been the custom of ships returning from a long overseas deployment to fly an extra long commission pennant made up of whatever bunting could be assembled. In the Royal Navy, this is known as the “paying off pendant” because a ship used to be taken out of commission and its crew “paid off” at the end of each cruise. In the United States Navy, it is called the homeward bound pennant. Although not officially sanctioned by regulations, the Navy has issued guidelines for the use of this pennant in NTP-13(B), Flags, Pennants and Customs.”

It hasn’t taken long for Nordhavn owners to respond. As of late this morning, the same day of the announcement, the website had tallied more than 39,000 NM from just the first three boats to respond.

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