First Photos: The New Kadey-Krogen 52′ Has Arrived

The first Kadey-Krogen 52' shown running at no-wake speed after arrival in Seattle

The first Kadey-Krogen 52' shown running at no-wake speed after arrival in Seattle

The first Kadey-Krogen 52′ arrived in the U.S. in time for the recent Seattle Boat Show and made her public debut there. The timing was so tight that the Kadey-Krogen team hadn’t had a chance to really begin the commissioning process, so in many of these photos you will see a fairly bare interior. I happen to like seeing it like this since I can use my imagination to decorate and outfit to my own taste.

Some things to notice:

  • The fabulous galley, including the Viking range and oven. I need to invite my superyacht chef friend Victoria Allman to come and play in this lovely workspace.
  • The office space below decks, which, in this two-stateroom configuration, really opens up the lower area with a functional, flexible area for work, navigation planning, and normal household management chores.
  • The expansive helm/dash setup. There’s room here for multiple big-screen displays so you can take advantage of all the latest technology, including monitoring, networked navigation and other sensors, and provide redundancy and flexibility. There is also plenty of room for two helm chairs; a feature I really like for longer passages.
  • The engine room has lots of space in which to work, especially with the standard single John Deere 6068AFM75, a continuous duty 231hp engine. Plenty of lighting and sturdy grab rails make those regular engine room checks underway more comfortable and safer.

Check out the photos in the gallery below.

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Victoria Allman Breaks-In a Trawler Galley

Victoria Allman Breaks-In a Trawler Galley

Chef/Author Victoria Allman in the Krogen 55' Expedition Galley -- Photo Courtesy of Kadey-Krogen

Chef/Author Victoria Allman in the Krogen 55' Expedition Galley -- Photo Courtesy of Kadey-Krogen

At last week’s Trawler Fest, our own favorite professional chef, Victoria Allman, treated a group of VIP guests of Kadey-Krogen to an evening of haute cuisine hors d’oeuvres (classy snacks).  For two evenings, Victoria gave the gorgeous galley aboard the Krogen 55′ Expedition a workout.  The Kadey-Krogen folks (author Shannon Band, actually) wrote about the show and the dining delights in their latest blog, which you can read here.  Kadey-Krogen recently upgraded the galley designs and you will now find seriously upscale features, such as Viking ranges and the like on new Kadey-Krogen yachts.

I’m planning to talk with Victoria about not only the Krogen 55′ Expedition galley, but about galley design aboard yachts in general.  As the chef aboard several megayachts for many years now, Victoria knows all about both the hardware and software (food) requirements for fine dining at sea.  If you’ve read her book, “Sea Fare, A Chef’s Journey Across the Ocean,” you know she’s a great storyteller with some delectable recipes.  In fact, Victoria just released her second book, “SEAsoned, A Chef’s Journey with Her Captain,” which complements more great recipes with the often-spicy tales of professional life aboard these megayachts.  I wonder if I’m too old to ship out?

Anyway, look for our talk with Victoria about yacht galley design here on OceanLines after we get back from the Miami International Boat Show, in two weeks.

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Outer Reef to Represent Kadey-Krogen Internationally

Kadey-Krogen Company Logo

Kadey-Krogen Company Logo

Outer Reef Yachts Company Logo

Outer Reef Yachts Company Logo

Apparently Kadey-Krogen had visions of international sugar plums dancing in its corporate head this holiday season, because today they announced with Outer Reef an agreement to have OR represent Kadey-Krogen through all of OR’s “established international sales and service locations.”

I’ll probably have more information over the next few weeks, but it’s clear the companies see the venture as non-competitive because of the size range of the two product lines — Kadey-Krogen mostly below 60′ (except the 64′ Expedition, which isn’t here yet), and Outer Reef mostly above 60′ (except for the 58′ motoryacht).

Here’s the copy from the release.

“With Outer Reef offices and service centers in Sydney, Australia, and seven locations throughout Europe, Kadey-Krogen is poised to hit the ground running as we launch into the international market. Partnering with a company with an established international sales and service network made good business sense for us, but it was even more important to find a company like Outer Reef that shares our vision of customer service,” says John Gear, President of Kadey-Krogen Yachts.

“We see the representation of Kadey-Krogen Yachts as a great opportunity to offer a very high quality product to our international clientele in the under 60’ range, a size range that Outer Reef Yachts currently does not offer. Kadey-Krogen is synonymous with high quality and exceptional service, a characteristic that embodies the Outer Reef philosophy and business model,” says Jeff Druek, President and CEO of Outer Reef Yachts.

Boaters in Australia and throughout Europe can expect the same dedicated customer service and level of involvement in the design and construction of their Kadey-Krogen that owners in North America experience.

Kadey-Krogen Yachts currently builds long range Trawler Yachts from 39’ to 58’ in pilothouse and tri-deck configurations. Outer Reef Yachts builds custom long range Motor Yachts from 63’ to 118’ also in raised pilothouse and tri-deck configurations.

For more information visit www.outerreefyachts.com and www.kadeykrogen.com .”

Adapted from press materials provided by the companies.

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North From Florida on a Krogen 58′

Kadey-Krogen 58' Moored in Stuart, Florida

My ride for the next two days -- Kadey-Krogen 5817

I’m currently aboard a new Kadey-Krogen 58′ at the Four Fish Marina in Jensen Beach, Florida, making final preparations to head north to Annapolis with the boat. It’s a unique opportunity to give the current queen of the Kadey-Krogen fleet a thorough test in her natural offshore element. As soon as a new radar unit arrives and is installed, we’ll be departing. I’ll be posting — whenever I have a cellular Internet connection — updates on the first half of the trip, to Wilmington, North Carolina.

This yacht, Krogen 5817, was delivered last fall to Seattle, where she was displayed at the Seattle Boat Show. She was then loaded aboard a freighter and taken through the Panama Canal to Florida. Our plan is to run up the IntraCoastal Waterway (ICW) to the Fort Pierce inlet, then head offshore. The winds today (Friday, April 16) are still fairly stiff out of the East, but the forecast calls for it to gradually diminish and swing to the southeast, which will make the trip up the Gulf Stream a little smoother.

It should be about a 50-hour passage to North Carolina, and the two Kadey-Krogen crew and I plan on four-hour watches each, with eight hours off. That will give me plenty of time to do some detailed photography and video of our trip and to give you a nice look at this beautiful yacht.

So stay tuned for the next post, in which I’ll introduce you to our crew, Captain Gregg Gandy, and yacht broker Greg Kaufman (also a licensed Master), and give you the details of our route and cruising specifics. In the meantime, you can get a good look at the specifications of this particular boat, which Kadey-Krogen has been using as a company demonstrator and which is now for sale, here.

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Fugawi Announces NavPlanner 2 and Updated Marine ENC

Screenshot of NavPlanner2 Showing Google Earth View

Screenshot of NavPlanner2 Showing Google Earth View

Fugawi recently announced the release of Navionics NavPlanner2, powered by Fugawi. The company also said it has released version 4.5.5 of its Fugawi Marine ENC.

NavPlanner2 is an atlas of U.S. coastal waters, navigable waterways, and more than 12,000 inland lakes for use on a home computer for map viewing, searching, printing, waypoint planning and GPS data managing. NavPlanner2 includes the 2010 edition of Navionics Gold U.S. marine charts and the HotMaps Premium U.S. lake maps for use on a PC. While you can’t use the charts themselves on another plotter, you can export and exchange routes, waypoints, etc., with such devices, so it can serve as a great planning tool away from the helm station. Recommended retail price is $129. The program is available directly from Fugawi or from any Navionics dealer.

Fugawi Marine ENC Version 4.5.5is software for navigation that can use many charts from many different sources, including many of the Navionics formats, S-57 format charts, S-63 encrypted ENC charts, BSB charts, NV. Digital charts, topographic maps, and your own scanned paper maps.

Screenshot of Fugawi Marine ENC with Navionics Platinum Charts

Screenshot of Fugawi Marine ENC with Navionics Platinum Charts

I will be evaluating this latest version of Fugawi Marine ENC during an upcoming offshore delivery from Florida to Annapolis aboard a new Kadey-Krogen 58′. We’ll have multiple computers running different nav programs so it should be a nice run. We’ll get a chance to check out Fugawi with a little travel in the ICW, out and in some popular inlets and during both near-shore and offshore navigation.

Do you use Fugawi Marine ENC for navigating?  If so, drop us your thoughts about the program in the comments.  We’ll keep them in mind while we evaluate the program and we may follow-up with you.

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A Closer Look at the New Krogen 52′

Stateroom with Office Accommodation Layout of new Kadey-Krogen 52"

Stateroom with Office Accommodation Layout of new Kadey-Krogen 52"

Kadey-Krogen’s recently announced 52′ is a classic example of a builder filling out a product line in specific response to customer demand. In this case, the company already had on offer its well-established 48′ and the new 55′ Expedition. The 55′ Expedition, however, is not really the “other” boat in this comparison — it’s the Krogen 58′ which was more of a model for the new 52′. In a recent interview, Kadey-Krogen Vice President Larry Polster talked about the boat itself and what kind of customer is the target for the new 52′.

With the first signs of the economic recovery beginning to emerge in the recreational boating industry, Kadey-Krogen is optimistic about the market for the new boat. “There’s clearly a market for bigger boats — upper 40s to mid-50s,” says Polster. He says the company originally had a hole in its lineup that stretched from the 48′ to the 58′ and originally started out designing a 53′. But input from the early customers on that design turned it into the 55′ Expedition, a significantly different design that the traditional Krogen. And the price wasn’t between the two original yachts, either.

Polster says the 52′ is better understood as a smaller 58′, rather than a larger 48′. And of course, he emphasizes, the new boat is designed fresh from the keel up. “It’s a purpose-built boat; not a stretched hull,” says Polster. The familial resemblance to the 58′ can be seen in details such as the Portuguese bridge, the Dutch door in the starboard-side galley, and the open office space below. So, the 52′ will appeal to those who like the design of the 58′ but might be intimidated either by the size or the price. And yet, it is substantially roomier than the 48′, not least because of the extra foot of beam (17′-9″).

Interestingly, all of the launch customers have chosen the same layout — master stateroom forward, twins to starboard, and a convertible open office to port. Kadey-Krogen has converted several of the initial letters of intent to firm contracts and construction is on schedule.

Starboard Profile Rendering of the new Krogen 52'

Starboard Profile Rendering of the new Krogen 52'

As a clean-sheet-of-paper design, the new 52′ is one of the few boats of her size that was designed from the outset for the baby boomers who started retiring last year. Manufacturers today — from the boat builders themselves to systems providers like KVH — understand that liveability aboard is key to success with the boomers. That liveability issue is directly related to keeping household standards. Not only do you see household-standard appliances and near-shore size beds and head fixtures, but even minor details like stair steps. “We’ve taken great pains to make all risers and treads house-standard,” says Polster. “The magic ratio is about 17 — rise plus run — but a tread of only 7″ is hard to stand on.”

Kadey-Krogen expects high efficiency from the 52’s hull. Predicted performance at a speed/length (s/l) ratio of 1.1 shows the requirement for 70 hp, moving the boat at 7.6 knots. The boat will displace 70,000 lbs at half-load. Standard engine is a 231 hp John Deere (all Krogens have JD power), and the genny will be a 12kW Northern Lights set.

The new 52′ has a competitive base price right now of $1.295 million. That compares to a base of $949K for the 48′ and $1.595 million for the 55′ Expedition.

One interesting side note: the question often arises — how big a boat do I need to live aboard? Obviously, there can’t be only one answer to that question, but in Kadey-Krogen’s experience, the answer is — “somewhere in the 40’s.” “We built 50 of the 39’s and as far as I know, only one couple lived aboard full-time,” says Polster. One size up, however, and it’s a different story. “The 42′ is a little bit longer, but a full 18″ wider in beam and tons of owners are full-time liveaboards.”

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Kadey-Krogen and Nordhavn at the Upcoming Miami Boat Show

2010 Miami International Boat Show and Strictly Sail

2010 Miami International Boat Show and Strictly Sail

Kadey-Krogen said this week that it will have a Krogen 58′ and the 48′ North Sea with the redesigned galley and bridge, which we wrote about here on OceanLines recently.

P.A.E. advises that their final plans for the upcoming Miami boat shows include the 75 EYF and the 62 at Collins Ave., — more formally know as The Yacht and Brokerage Show in Miami Beach.  They also plan to have a 47 over at the on-water display of the actual Miami International Boat Show and Strictly Sail at the Sea Isle Marina in Miami.

At this point, Selene does not appear to have a boat at the show, although the Selene Annapolis dealer will be there and Jet Tern Marine owner and chief designer Howard Chen will be attending to accept an award from MotorBoating Magazine.

We will update you over the next week with the plans of other passagemaking boat builders.  If you use the official website for the boat show, don’t rely on the search function there to tell you who will be there. There are some brands missing from the database. Best to check the website of the brand you’re interested in directly.  Here are the basic logistical details for the main Miami Boat Show, from the show organizers:

Show Information
Dates & Location
February 11–15, 2010
1901 Convention Center Drive
Miami Beach, FL 33139

SEA ISLE MARINA & YACHTING CENTER (New home of Strictly Sail Miami, joining forces with the Miami International Boat Show powerboat in-water location)
1635 N. Bayshore Drive
Miami, FL 33132
*** This location now requires a ticket or badge for admission.

Looking for the BIG sailboats? Begin the day at Sea Isle Marina, then head over to Bayside Marina by way of Strictly Sail Miami’s FREE water taxi service to view some of the largest sailboats and catamarans in the world. Lagoon America, Leopard, Prout, Seawind Catamarans, Hylas, Passport and others will all have boats on display at Big Boat Row.

Courtesy Shuttle Buses will run between all locations including the park & ride at the American Airlines Arena from 1 hour prior to show opening through 1 hour after show close daily.

Show Hours
Premier Day
Thursday, February 11, 10:00am–6:00pm

Friday, February 12, 10:00am–8:00pm
Saturday, February 13, 10:00am–8:00pm
Sunday, February 14, 10:00am–8:00pm
Monday, February 15, 10:00am–6:00pm

Sea Isle Marina & Yachting Center is open from 10:00am–6:00pm daily

NEW — 5 Day Pass (Good all 5 days of the show)
Thursday, February 11th–Monday, February 15th — $75.00

Premier Day — $30.00

Adults — $16.00
2 Day Pass — $30.00
Youth, age 13–15 years — $6.00
Children, age 12 and younger — FREE

Tickets will also be available for purchase at both the Miami Beach Convention Center and the Sea Isle Marina & Yachting Center locations.

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Kadey-Krogen Open House Set for December 4-6 in Stuart, Florida

"Blue Heaven" is a Krogen 48 Full Displacement Yacht

"Blue Heaven" is a Krogen 48 Full Displacement Yacht

Kadey-Krogen said today that it will hold its annual winter open house December 4-6 at the Harborage Marina, in Stuart, Florida. The company will have yachts from 39 to 58 feet on display on C dock.  A builder’s open house is a good place to start the boat search process, since you will get a chance to get an in-depth look at a single brand.  In the case of Kadey-Krogen, the emphasis is on its “Pure Full Displacement” hull design, shared by all models in the line. The open house will run from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Friday and Saturday, and from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. on Sunday. The event is free and open to the public and media.

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Let’s Outfit the Helm of the new Kadey-Krogen 55′ Expedition

Kadey-Krogen 55' Expedition Helm

The helm of the new Kadey-Krogen 55 Expedition Awaits Outfitting

On Monday, February 2, 2009, OceanLines will publish the first in a unique series of articles intended to demonstrate the current state-of-the-art of passagemaking-level marine electronics.  We have been working with Kadey-Krogen Yachts and its vice president, Larry Polster, to demonstrate how each of four of the top marine electronics companies would outfit the newest Kadey-Krogen Yacht — the 55′ Expedition, which just arrived here in the U.S. and made its public debut at the Stuart Trawlerfest last weekend.  The 55 Expedition will be on prominent display at the upcoming Miami International Boatshow.

For this series, we asked Furuno, Garmin, Raymarine and Simrad to give us their recommendations, based on a fictional Request For Proposal (RFP) from a a fictional couple just acquiring their new 55 Expedition.  The RFP — which you can read in detail HERE — discusses the couple’s cruising plans, their general preferences in equipment, and the specific capabilities they require from the new electronics installed on board.

In order to help the marine electronics OEMs, Kadey-Krogen provided detailed drawings and specifications on the 55 Expedition, converting CAD files directly from the design into more portable document formats.  The OEMs were each given the RFP and the boat documentation early this month and they have responded with their recommendations and rationale.  Beginning Monday, we will present each individual response — one at a time, each day next week, concluding on Friday with a wrap-up and analysis of the series.

So, have a good look at this pristine helm station onboard one of the newest passagemaking yachts available and come back on Monday to see how Garmin proposes our fictional couple outfit the helm.

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First Kadey-Krogen 55′ Expedition Arrives in U.S.

Kadey-Krogen 55' Expedition Hull 1 Invictus Upon Arrival in U.S.

Kadey-Krogen 55' Expedition Hull 1 Invictus Upon Arrival in U.S.

Hull # 1 of the new Kadey-Krogen 55′ Expedition line has arrived at the company’s Ft. Pierce, Florida headquarters and is now being commissioned and prepped for her debut at the Stuart, Florida Trawlerfest later this month.  KKY Vice President Larry Polster said in a posting on the company’s website that the delivery by freighter to Savannah, Georgia and subsequent offloading and transit to Ft. Pierce, was uneventful — which is generally a good thing for a new boat.

The first boat is named Invictus and will belong to Bill and Lisa Roberts.  Bill’s grandfather had sailed around the world in a sailboat of the same name, which is derived from the poem of the same name by William Ernest Henley.

Have a gander at the Kadey-Krogen photos of the arrival and unloading of Invictus in Savannah here,

. . .then stop by the KKY website and read Larry Polster’s account of the arrival and first trip to sea for the 55′ Expedition here.

And just because sailors and seamen of all kinds will find resonance with its spirit, herewith the full text of Henley’s poem:


Out of the night that covers me,
Black as the Pit from pole to pole,
I thank whatever gods may be
For my unconquerable soul.

In the fell clutch of circumstance
I have not winced nor cried aloud.
Under the bludgeonings of chance
My head is bloody, but unbowed.

Beyond this place of wrath and tears
Looms but the Horror of the shade,
And yet the menace of the years
Finds, and shall find, me unafraid.

It matters not how strait the gate,
How charged with punishments the scroll.
I am the master of my fate:
I am the captain of my soul.

William Ernest Henley, 1849-1902


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Kadey-Krogen to Offer New 64′ Expedition Trawler

Kadey-Krogen is Preparing to Launch New 64' Expedition

Kadey-Krogen is Preparing to Launch New 64

OceanLines has learned that Kadey-Krogen is in discussions with potential launch customers for a new 64′ Expedition Trawler that would become the new queen of the Kadey-Krogen fleet.  Company Vice President Larry Polster showed OceanLines plans for the new long-range cruiser while we were onboard the company’s Krogen 58 at the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show recently.  The design can accommodate from two to four staterooms with from three to four heads.  This flexibility should appeal to both the solo cruising couple and adventurous families, and while there is room for ample crew quarters, it has been expressly designed for a couple to handle by themselves.

The new 64 Expedition will cruise for 3,000 miles at a speed of 9 knots and when slowed to 8 knots, can comfortably extend that to 4,300 miles.  The boat will feature new common-rail 6.8L diesels from John Deere, although Kadey-Krogen hasn’t yet decided whether to go wtih the M1 or M2 duty ratings.  John Deere has not yet released details of the engines.  Providing electrical power will be dual generators, likely 25kW and 12kW.  The cooling requirements will be handled with at least 5 zones of chilled-water air conditioning.  The engine room will accommodate six-footers handily and the standard outfitting is premium.  Fuel polishing, oil exchange, fire suppresion, stabilizers, hydraulic bow thruster — all are standard. 

The layout will be traditional Kadey-Krogen with the wide saloon and galley co-located on the main deck.  The galley will feature premium appointments, including a four-burner Viking range, full-size Jennair refrigerator, a super-quiet Miele dishwasher, microwave/convection oven and trashcompactor.  One first for Kadey-Krogen will be the separate dining room to starboard, opposite the galley.

Outside, the starboard walkway provides access from the aft deck to the foredeck, which is roomy enough to store a 17-foot Boston Whaler, as depicted in the artist’s rendering above.  The hull of the 64 has three keels like the 55′ Expedition.  Each of the skegs to port and starboard is counter-faired to impart a rotation to the water flowing past it into the propeller but opposite to the prop rotation.  Krogen says this innovation will result in greater fuel efficiency compared to standard skeg designs.

The hull is designed to keep passagemakers safe in the toughest conditions.  Kadey-Krogen is using an aramid fiber knitted into a fabric called Twaron, similar to the familiar Kevlar brand, and the same type used to make body armor.  It will be incorporated in the areas where collision or grounding impact might be of concern.  There is a collision bulkhead forward and watertight bulkheads throughout the length of the hull, characteristic of much bigger, formally classed ocean-going vessels.

Although a firm price hasn’t been set, the first buyers of the new 64′ Expedition will undoubtedly be getting a good deal in return for partnering with Kadey-Krogen on the launch of the new boat.  To illustrate the effect, Polster noted that the first customers for the Krogen 44, launched just 4 years ago, have less invested in their fully outfitted boats than just the base price of the same boat today. 

Here are the preliminary specifications for the Krogen 64′ Expedition:

  • Length on Deck:          64′ – 0″
  • LOA                            67′ – 5″ (including swim platform)
  • LOA                            70′ – 4″ (including swim platform and pulpit)
  • LWL                            62′ – 2″
  • Beam (molded)           20′ – 6″
  • Draft at Keel                5′ – 6″ (half load)
  • Displacement              167,000 lbs (approx.)
  • Fuel                                3,000 gallons
  • Water                                 550 gallons
  • Black Water                        175 gallons
  • Gray Water                         175 gallons
  • Top Speed                           11 knots (est.)
  • Range at 9 knots           3,000 miles (est.)
  • Main Engines                 (2) John Deere
  • Reduction Gears            Twin Disc
  • Ballast                          12,000 lbs. (approx.)

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New Kadey-Krogen 55 Expedition Nears Completion

First Kadey-Krogen 55' Expedition Nears Completion

First Kadey-Krogen 55 Nears Completion. Photo: Courtesy of Kadey Krogen

Kadey-Krogen expects the first new 55′ Expedition trawler to ship from the shipyard, Asia Harbor Yacht Builders, in Kaohsiung, Taiwan, sometime during the first week of December, according to company executives. OceanLines has obtained the first photos of the boat, shown nearing completion.  In the photo above, the deep forward section, with its fine entry and predicted waterline marking, can be seen clearly.

View of the Helm Inside Pilothouse on New Krogen 55' Expedition

View of the Helm Inside Pilothouse on New Krogen 55

Kadey-Krogen’s Larry Polster says the 55′ Expedition should be at the Miami Boat Show in February, but might even make it to the Trawler Fest in Stuart, FL, in late January.  During a discussion aboard the company’s Krogen 58′ at the recent Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show, Polster talked about the collaboration between Kadey-Krogen and the launch customers for its new models. The company recognizes that the first buyers are making something of a leap of faith, since there isn’t a boat yet to walk through before making the purchase decision, but also that sometimes customers have their own great ideas for innovation and improvements to the original design. Sometimes, says Polster, there is also just a matter of taste and preference involved and customers simply want a slightly unique configuration.

Another View of the New 55' Expedition.  Photo Courtesy of Kadey-Krogen

Another View of the New 55

The 55′ Expedition is a true, ocean-going passagemaker and incorporates many of the most rigorous classification standards in its design, although the boat is not technically classed. Among these standards are the five collision bulkheads, making for six completely watertight compartments. The 55′ also features an aramid fiber (Kevlar-like) in the stem, keel and transom for the strongest possible structure.  OceanLines covered more of the details of the 55′ Expedition here.

Polster says the second hull in the series will be delivered to the U.S. Northwest, Seattle specifically, probably in May and may be there in time for the Trawler Fest in Anacortes, where it will undoubtedly draw a great deal of attention.

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Krogen 44 Crosses Atlantic Nonstop

The Krogen 44 Le rêve, with owner Bill van Lenthe and crew aboard, crossed the North Atlantic nonstop from Atlantic Highlands, New Jersey, to the port of Horta, on the Island of Faial in the Azores, a distance of 2,250 NM. That was the first leg of a journey that brought Le rêve to IJmuiden, Netherlands, in three legs. The second leg of the trip, 1,268 NM, took the boat to Plymouth, England. And the final leg to Holland was a short jaunt of 367 NM. The successful passage was reported on the Kadey Krogen company website, where there are links to the blogs of a number of Kadey Krogen Yachts owners.

Le reve is followed by 20' seas

Le rêve is calmly handling 20' seas

While many trans-Atlantic passagemakers stop at Bermuda along the way, especially when the original departure is from Florida, van Lenthe decided to forego the stop since it would have taken him significantly out of his way, given his own New Jersey departure. Van Lenthe and his wife, Joanne, were both born in Holland, hence the final destination.

The stabilized Krogen 44 encountered rather a lot of bad weather along the way; more than would be expected for a June crossing at 40 degrees north latitude. Seas encountered frequently reached 20 feet, but the owner reported no difficulties whatsoever, adding that the autopilot handled steep following seas especially well.

Here are the stats for the overall voyage:
Total days at sea                             26
Total Hr at sea                               612
Total Miles at sea                        3885
Total fuel consumed by engine   1290 gallons
Average gallons/hr                          2.1
Average m/g                                   3.01
Average speed                                6.35kts


Le rêve and the van Lenthe family are now cruising Holland and have said they will stay in Europe for the next few years. Eventually, they plan to cruise the northern countries of Scandinavia, and eventually end up in the Mediterranean.

You can follow their travels on their blog here.

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Krogen 55 Expedition to Debut at Miami

Kadey-Krogen’s new Krogen 55 Expedition will make its public debut at the Miami International Boat Show in February 2009, just six months from now.  The company said construction of hull number one is continuing apace at the company’s construction partner shipyard, Asia Harbor Yacht Builders, in Kaohsiung, Taiwan.

Kadey-Krogen's New Krogen 55 Expedition

Kadey-Krogen's New Krogen 55 Expedition

While obviously intended to fit the gap in the product line between the Krogen 48 North Sea and the biggest model, the Krogen 58, the new 55 Expedition combines significant design elements from either end of the spectrum.  She incorporates the 360-degrees of visibility from the pilothouse, a hallmark of the discontinued Whaleback 48, as well as the three keels in her hull, taken from the 58.  Each of the skegs, to poort and starboard, is counter-fairs such that the trailing end is shaped to import a rotation to the water flowing into the propeller that is contrary to the propeller rotation, says Kadey-Krogen.  The company says this count-rotation cancels the prop-induced flow rotation, thereby improving forward thrust.

Krogen 55 Main Deck Plan

Krogen 55 Main Deck Plan

The 55 Expedition is a classice Kadey-Krogen full-displacement yacht, intended to cover long distances in luxurious comfort.  She’s not the heaviest of her class, but with approximately 6,900 pounds of ballast, she displaces about 88,000 pounds at half load.  Her 1,880 gallons of diesel will take her 3,000 miles at 8 knots, or, as the company says, from Annapolis to Antigua nonstop at 9 knots.  The 55 is powered by twin John Deere 6068TFM M1, Tier 2 diesels, rated at 158 BHP at 2,400 RPM.

Pilothouse Layout of the Krogen 55 Expedition

Pilothouse Layout of the Krogen 55 Expedition

The boat draws 4′-10″ at half load and was designed with an air draft that will allow reaching the Great Lakes via the Hudson River and Erie Canal system.  Height above DWL, not including the mast, is 17′-7″.  While cruising those canals, the boat can hold 140 gallons of black water and 140 gallons of gray water.

The Krogen 55 Expedition is built to handle serious ocean water.  Her hull is reinforced at the stem and stern bottom with an aramid fiber similar to Kevlar ™.  Watertight crash bulkheads are also incorporated to increase safety at sea.  The list of standard equipment on the 55 is extensive, and includes stainless steel applicances by Jen-Air, Miele, Viking and GE.  A Northern Lights 16kW generator is included as is a bow thruster and stabilizers from ABT.

Extra nice touches included in the $1.895 million base price, are a standard fuel polishing system, Nautical Structures Euro 1,200 lb. lift capacity davit, with auto rotation, and two wing control stations.

Light-color hull rendering of new Krogen 55 Expedition

Light-color hull rendering of new Krogen 55 Expedition

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