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Nauticomp Tank Test of New LED LCD Panels

Nauticomp Tank Test of New LED LCD Panels

Yeah, I know this photo is from a press release.  But maybe it’s not just a cute demonstration.  Maybe it’s actually an effective way to prove a marketing claim of dust- and waterproof capabilities.  Nauticomp says it tests its marine LED-lit LCD displays to an IP67 ingress protection standard.  The ‘6’ in that designation indicates that the unit is completely protected from dust ingress, and the ‘7’ means that the unit is submersible to a depth of a meter for one minute.

I do not expect my flybridge to be submerged to a depth of one meter for ANY AMOUNT OF TIME.  But it is entirely possible, even highly likely that it will be in a downpour every now and then, so this isn’t just frivolous gilding of the lilly.  (I wonder what the IP rating for a U.S. Navy sub is??  A thousand meters for an infinite period?  Or maybe until they run out of hamburgers in the galley?  Probably classified, right?)

According to Nauticomp President Ryan Moore,

“Internally-sealed welds on the all-aluminum housings ensure that the display casings are watertight. All cables and external connections to Nauticomp marine displays are manufactured to an IP68 rating and the second number – 8 – signifies that they are submersible to three meters for an infinite period of time.

During the display assembly process, a silicon sealant is applied at display and back case opening to ensure water tightness on the completed unit. Nauticomp displays also feature Bonded glass, which does not “fog” up when there is a significant change in temperatures. In addition, power supplies to Nauticomp displays are external – to keep the units cool and provide added safety in the event of a power surge.”

We recently wrote about the company’s new Genesis line of monitors.  Nauticomp has some videos available for those who suspect a still image.  If you’re going to the Miami Boat Show, you can see both the waterproof demonstration and the new monitors in-person at Booth 1676 in the Electronics Room (Miami Beach Convention Center).

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Simrad-Yachting Launches New NSE Chartplotter Series

New Simrad-Yachting NSE Chartplotter Series

Simrad-Yachting, a division of Navico, yesterday announced the availability of a new series of fully integrated, networkable chartplotters — the NSE series.  Available in both 12.1-inch and 8-inch displays (NSE12 and NSE8, respectively), the units purchased in North America come fully loaded with Nautic Insight HD high-resolution vector cartography.  They are fully compatible with the new BR24 Broadband Radar, which we wrote about here, and the BSM-1 Broadband Sonar Module, as well as Sirius weather integration.

The company’s announcement yesterday said the units were designed for the ultimate ease-of-use experience, combining elments of Northstar’s legendary direct access functionality, with Simrad-Yachting’s “powerful menu access.”  There is a new menu-driven user interface that includes specific user modes designed to “maximize functionality for specific boating segments.

New Simrad-Yachting NSE12 Chartplotter

New Simrad-Yachting NSE12 Chartplotter

Simrad-Yachting said, “key features include a rotary dial with logical push-to-enter selection that provides convenient function access and cursor control, direct access keys to simplify operation and an alphanumeric keypad that makes data entry a snap.  NSE systems feature Simrad SunView™ screens that incorporate an innovative, low-power white LED backlighting technology.  SunView displays are rated at a bright 1500 nits for full sunlight viewing and have a 120-degree viewing angle.   A company official told OceanLines that some HDS models (the 7-, 8- and 10-inch displays) also include LED backlighting, but we think the incorporation of this technology is a significant step forward.  Readers will notice that the best LCD HDTVs in the consumer market feature LED backlighting because it significantly enhances the LCD’s ability to create “blacker” blacks and “whiter” whites.  In other words, LED backlighting significantly enhances the contrast ability of LCDs, which not only makes them look sharper, but improves their ability to work in sunlight.

Split-Screen Display on New Simrad-Yachting NSE12 Chartplotter

The units feature plenty of connectivity and storage, with an onboard 80 GB hard drive and SD card slot, as well as front and back USB connections and both composite video and DVI-out ports.  The DVI-out port will make connecting the display to a big-screen TV in the salon even easier than usual.  The 12.1-inch unit features XGA 1024 x 768 resolution, while the 8-inch unit has an 8– x 600 pixel display.  We asked about the possibility of larger displays in the future and the company rep said it “probably” would be offering them.  When asked about the possibility of a front bezel color option, the humorous reply was Henry Ford-esque — “yes, as long as it’s black.”

 Updates for the built-in charts will be available, but a final schedule has not yet been determined.  We’d like to see Simrad-Yachting make these available permanently, in real-time, even if they have to charge a small subscription fee.  The Nautic charts are capable of providing navigators high-resolution 2D and 3D shaded contour and satellite imagery information.  In addition, the Nautic Insight HD navigation cartography includes detailed shoreline and safety navigation data including spot sounding, navaids and obstructions.  NSE units are also compatible with Navionics® Platinum, Platinum+ and HotMaps Platinum cartography.  In addition, NSE units feature Navionics TurboView™, a new dimension in navigation that offers smooth pan and zoom plus viewing rotation, as well as 2D and 3D Platinum and Platinum+ cartography chart views with depth and elevation contour shadings.

The NSE units are designed to draw low currents on either 12- or 24-volt systems and are waterproof to the IPX7 (submersible) standard.  They have a two-year limited parts and labor warranty.  Prices for the NSE12 and NSE8 are $4,595 and $3,295, respectively.  The new line will be publically unveiled at the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show and units, the company proudly proclaims, will be available only two weeks later, on November 15, which if true will represent quite an accomplishment since several high-profile new product announcemtns in the marine electronics industry in recent years have proved to be somewhat…premature.

You can download the NSE Chartplotter Brochure (USA Sales) here.

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