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KVH Offers Rebates for Upgrades to HD7 Sat TV System

KVH TracVision HD7 Satellite TV System

KVH TracVision HD7 Satellite TV System

KVH Industries said today that current TracVision satellite TV customers can upgrade to the latest HD7 system and get a rebate of up to $2,000, depending on which system they are upgrading. The promotion runs through June 30, 2010. The deal requires the customer to return to KVH the old system’s circuit boards via an RMA issued by KVH. Full details of the deal are here.

Here are the rebate values for each system:

TracVision 4, G4 or G4HP — $750

TracVision M5 — $1,000

TracVision 6, G6, G6HP, G8 — $1,500

TracVision M7, M9 — $2,000

The TracVision HD7 has the unique ability to track DIRECTV’s Ka-bank and Ku-band satellites (all three) simultaneously. KVH said the system’s tracking ability allows it to maintain signal lock even when the boat is cruising at high speed and through rough seas. The HD7 also includes KVH’s new IP-enabled antenna control unit, which is equipped with an Ethernet connection for onboard networks, a built-in WiFi interface, and a USB port to make system setup and management as easy as opening a web browser and maintenance as simple as plugging in a USB thumb drive.

KVH iPhone App for TracVision HD7 Control

KVH iPhone App for TracVision HD7 Control

KVH says its free new TracVision iPhone application is the easiest way to control the HD7. According to the company, customers can “use it to check satellite TV signal strength, switch to secondary satellites, download and automatically install antenna software updates, and send information directly to KVH technical support.”

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Raymarine Offers Trade-In Credit as Part of Sale Campaign

It may not make or break the deal for you financially, but in addition to significant discounts for many key products in its marine electronics line, Raymarine will give you an extra $50 if you trade in that old unit.  The trade-in moolah is good for “any brand, make or model of radar display, chartplotter display, fishfinder display or multifunction display,” according to Raymarine.  Not bad.  Won’t buy a whole new instrument with it, but it will offset part of the cost of the new map chip you might need to buy.  When I bought an expensive multi-function chartplotter in 2004, I didn’t know that it would be eclipsed in just one year by a totally re-vamped successor.  Given that a marine electronic unit being traded in is almost, by definition, obsolete, I never expected to get real money for it, but even a gesture would have been nice.  This is a nice gesture and $50.

In addition to the trade-in — okay, the trade-in is technically in addition to the sale — there are some pretty good savings on some popular products.  Here are the details, as provided by Raymarine:

Raymarine Q2 Sales and Trade In Event

Raymarine Q2 Sales and Trade In Event

Multifunction Display and Sensor Savings:

  • Up to $50 on A-Series
  • Up to $200 on C-Series Classic
  • Up to $250 on E-Series
  • Up to $200 on Autopilots, SatTV and RadrUp to $75 on Instruments

(Please note C-Series Widescreen and A60/A65 are not eligible for rebates.)

In addition to mail-in-rebate savings on Raymarine Multifunction Displays, Autopilots, Instruments, SatTV and Radar consumers can also enjoy the following bonus savings:

  • System Bonus 1: Purchase: Eligible MFD, Radar, Instrument – Receive an additional $100 bonus rebate!
  • System Bonus 2: Purchase: Eligible MFD, Autopilot, Radar – Receive an additional $100 bonus rebate!
  • System Bonus 3: Purchase: Eligible MFD, Radar, SatTV – Receive an additional $100 bonus rebate!

The sale began yesterday and runs through the end of June.  Make sure you check with a dealer or Raymarine for details of the discounts and trade-in program.

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