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I Think I Want This on My Flybridge

Nauticomp Tank Test of New LED LCD Panels

Nauticomp Tank Test of New LED LCD Panels

Yeah, I know this photo is from a press release.  But maybe it’s not just a cute demonstration.  Maybe it’s actually an effective way to prove a marketing claim of dust- and waterproof capabilities.  Nauticomp says it tests its marine LED-lit LCD displays to an IP67 ingress protection standard.  The ‘6’ in that designation indicates that the unit is completely protected from dust ingress, and the ‘7’ means that the unit is submersible to a depth of a meter for one minute.

I do not expect my flybridge to be submerged to a depth of one meter for ANY AMOUNT OF TIME.  But it is entirely possible, even highly likely that it will be in a downpour every now and then, so this isn’t just frivolous gilding of the lilly.  (I wonder what the IP rating for a U.S. Navy sub is??  A thousand meters for an infinite period?  Or maybe until they run out of hamburgers in the galley?  Probably classified, right?)

According to Nauticomp President Ryan Moore,

“Internally-sealed welds on the all-aluminum housings ensure that the display casings are watertight. All cables and external connections to Nauticomp marine displays are manufactured to an IP68 rating and the second number – 8 – signifies that they are submersible to three meters for an infinite period of time.

During the display assembly process, a silicon sealant is applied at display and back case opening to ensure water tightness on the completed unit. Nauticomp displays also feature Bonded glass, which does not “fog” up when there is a significant change in temperatures. In addition, power supplies to Nauticomp displays are external – to keep the units cool and provide added safety in the event of a power surge.”

We recently wrote about the company’s new Genesis line of monitors.  Nauticomp has some videos available for those who suspect a still image.  If you’re going to the Miami Boat Show, you can see both the waterproof demonstration and the new monitors in-person at Booth 1676 in the Electronics Room (Miami Beach Convention Center).

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Looking for New Helm Displays? Nauticomp’s Genesis Might be Right

Genesis Series of LED-LCD Displays from Nauticomp

Genesis Series of LED-LCD Displays from Nauticomp

Nauticomp, the Ontario, Canada-based electronics manufacturer, is showing its new Genesis line of 15″ and 19″ sunlight-readable displays at the boat show circuit and if you’re in the market for new displays, they just might be the right solution.  Marine display technology is gradually catching up to land-based consumer displays and these two Genesis units are LED-backlit, which means much better contrast and significantly lower power requirements — both good features on a boat.

Nauticomp first revealed these publicly at the 2010 Fort Lauderdale Boat Show and from what I’ve seen, they’re technically among the best displays available.  There’s even one feature on the 15″ model that I can particularly appreciate, and that’s the ability to handle higher-than-normal temperatures and maintain the display integrity.  I had an older Northstar display that would frequently overheat on my flybridge because of sunlight and high ambient temperatures.  The key symptom is a screen that quickly fades to black and the only cure was to wait for it to cool down.  I’m not disparaging the Northstar unit, because for all I know the installation may not have been ideal for that unit; but the problem was real.  The 15″ Genesis model from Nauticomp can handle ambient temps up to 158°F (70°C), which is almost 20°F higher than most displays (and even the 19″ Genesis).

The Genesis models are also waterproof to the NEMA 6/IP67 standard, which means (I looked it up) that there will be NO dust ingress to the unit and that it can withstand 30 minutes of water pressure equivalent to a 1 meter depth.  My flybridge rarely got that wet.

You can download the Tech Data Sheet for the 15″ Genesis here, and the 19″ Genesis here.

The one area marine electronics — and displays in particular — have not caught up to consumer standards in is price.  You’re still going to have to ante-up for these capable units.  MSRP for the 15″ Genesis is $4,120 and the 19″ Genesis lists for $5,470.  Of course, since you will be buying these from a qualified marine electronics dealer, I’m guessing that there is a bit of negotiating/listing room in that price.  You’re also going to get the well-regarded Nauticomp service and support, though, so you’re not gonna have to worry about getting a consumer-reject lemon.

You can see the Genesis displays at the upcoming Seattle and Miami boat shows.

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