PAE Reports Build Progress on First Nordhavn 120

Latest exterior rendering of the new Nordhavn 120 under construction -- Courtesy of P.A.E.

Latest exterior rendering of the new Nordhavn 120 under construction -- Courtesy of P.A.E.

Pacific Asian Enterprises, Inc., said last night that progress continues with the build process on its first true superyacht, the Nordhavn 120.  According to the company, the hull and deck are joined, while the engine beds have been made and are ready for installation of the main engines (twin MTU 8V 2000 M72’s, rated at 965 HP at 2,250 RPM).  The company also provided these new renderings of the exterior and stateroom and salon.

Updated rendering of stateroom on the new Nordhavn 120 - Courtesy of P.A.E.

Updated rendering of stateroom on the new Nordhavn 120 - Courtesy of P.A.E.

Delivery is scheduled for mid-2012, which is about as specific as you can be more than a year out from the milestone.  A new interior designer has been chosen for hull number one.  PAE said,

Destry Darr has been commissioned to develop a high-end custom interior for hull one. The look will be simple and elegant yet contemporary in its styling. African cherry has been selected as the primary hardwood to be used throughout.

Updated rendering of the salon on the new Nordhavn 120 - Courtesy of P.A.E.

Updated rendering of the salon on the new Nordhavn 120 - Courtesy of P.A.E.

The N120, when delivered, will supplant the N86 as the queen of the 16-yacht Nordhavn fleet, with a cool 80 feet between the smallest and largest member.  The N120 is ABS-classed and designed and built to be certified to any international classification chosen by a buyer.  Classification decisions by an owner normally depend on the intended use of the yacht (charter vs. private use) and may be dictated in some cases by an owner’s insurance company.  Formal classification can involve a relatively significant expense to an owner, mainly due to the constant inspections and reviews required during the construction process, but as the size of the yacht increases, the cost as a percentage of the overall build declines and may be worthwhile in any event if the yacht is to be chartered.

You can read our earlier coverage of the Nordhavn 120 here.

A quick reminder of the N120 specs:

LOA:                                                   120’ 7”
LWL:                                                   108’ 4”
BEAM:                                                27’ 11”
BWL:                                                  27’ 10 ½”
DRAFT (FULL LD):                          9’
DISPLACEMENT (HALF):              740,992 lbs.
DISPLACEMENT (FULL):              848,994 lbs.
DISPLACEMENT (EMPTY):          668,890 lbs.
CP:                                                     .57
D/L (HALF)                                        251
A/B:                                                     2.25/1
WATER:                                             2,800 GALS.
FUEL:                                                 17,500 GALS.
BLACK WATER:                              300 GALS.
GRAY WATER                                 300 GALS.

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Got 30-Foot-itis? Buy this Nordhavn 86

Got 30-Foot-itis? Buy this Nordhavn 86

The Nordhavn 86

The Nordhavn 86

I know this one stretches the price range for many of us, but not all. So I thought we should take a look at a specific Nordhavn 86 that PAE is building in China and which is currently lacking an owner. The Nordhavn 86 is still the queen of the fleet — until the N120 is launched — and it is safe to say there are very few yachts like it. Here are a couple of gee whiz items on the N86:

  • Her fully loaded displacement of more than 400,000 lbs. is equal to that of many megayachts in the 120-foot to 140-foot class.
  • At a long-range economical cruise speed of just under 8 knots, the N86 has a range of more than 5,000 miles.
  • Not counting the genny fuel burn, that’s about 1 mpg, which is incredible when you think of that much mass moving smoothly and relentlessly through the ocean.
  • At wide-open throttle (2150 rpm), she will easily top 12 knots and has been run as high as 12.8 knots. Even then she’s only burning approximately 45 gph. Check out the ACTUAL performance stats of the N86 here.
  • Her massive 4.59:1 reduction gear costs as much as one of the main engines.
  • Her 24-foot beam is half the length of the house I grew up in (ok, I couldn’t resist that one).
  • The N86 is the first ABS-certified (with +A1 Yachting Service rating for the hull and AMS rating for machinery and installation) yacht built in China; adding MCA certification to allow full charter use is straightforward.
  • Special vibration-damping materials are bult into the hull layup directly above the propeller rotation plane.
Nordhavn 86 Pilothouse

Nordhavn 86 Pilothouse

As the largest yacht currently in the Nordhavn line, the N86 is normally run with a crew, not that there’s anything inherently more complex about such a yacht, just that there’s so much more OF it. Then again, that size makes possible some amazing possibilities, like the double master on the pilothouse level, which could also be a master and sky lounge. Perhaps you’d like to turn some of that rooftop acreage into a nice sunpad? No problem; just done on N86-07.

Nordhavn 86 engine room

Nordhavn 86 engine room

You might notice the wet exhaust system on the N86 and think that was unusual for a Nordhavn, but in this case, with the big MTU twins, wet exhausts simply allow more flexibility with interior design. Running that much hot exhaust plumbing up through the interior doesn’t make sense.

At this level of yacht-building, many of the things that might be considered options at lower levels are standard. Some examples from the N86 overview:

An extensive list of standard machinery details includes a central hydraulics with 20-square-foot stabilizers, 50 hp bow and stern thrusters, hydraulic bilge pumping and anchor wash downs, high output hydraulic alternators and 8kw inverter system, dual Northern light 33kw generators, a universal AC electrical system for world wide use, 3,500 lb. Marquipt davit, chilled water air-conditioning system, two (2) 1,000 gallons-per-day water makers, automatic engine room and lazarette fire system with ventilation dampeners, an on-deck Jacuzzi and much more.

In fact, with the options already incorporated into N86-09, about the only extra equipment required for commissioning will be electronics and tenders. With its master and captain’s cabins, three additional staterooms and crew quarters for four, an extended family could easily enjoy several years of world cruising on the N86.

Take a good look at the general arrangement drawings here, as well as the standard specifications sheet, and especially the price sheet for N86-09 as currently being built. With a base price — fully commissioned on the West Coast of the U.S. — of $6.75 million, she’s not as expensive as some of the fast, planing bleach bottles of her size class.  This yacht has several additional options already specified that bring her price to $7.3 million. You don’t often see this kind of detailed information about a build in-progress.  PAE says this yacht is looking for an owner and one thing is clear, whoever buys this yacht will indeed be getting the very top of the line. Who says the queen can’t be bought?

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PAE Announces New Nordhavn 120

As I first wrote on Mad Mariner, Pacific Asian Enterprises has announced the Nordhavn 120, an ABS-classed global explorer.  Weighing in at more than 715,000 pounds — nearly the weight of an early-model 747 — the new queen of the Nordhavn fleet will be powered by twin MTU Series 2000 M72 diesels, producing 975 HP each.

PAE says the N120 will have four decks, with four “King-size” suites, and what the company calls a “tantalizing owner’s suite.”  The company will customize the interior to an owner’s taste.  The profile of the new boat sets it clearly in the now-familiar line of aft-pilothouse trawlers that are the hallmark of designer Jeff Leishman.  The tall bow, significant displacement and 17,500 gallons of fuel all signify a design intended to explore oceans without limits.

Nordhavn 120

Artist's Rendering of New Nordhavn 120

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