More 3D Renderings of Nordhavn 75 EYF

Pacific Asian Enterprises keeps rolling out new 3D renderings of its new 75 Expedition Yacht Fisher (EYF), which is nearing completion at its south China factory.  The 75EYF is a globe-trotting, full-displacement yacht that will take the adventurous angler anywhere in the world.

3D Rendering of N75EYF Aft Perspective

3D Rendering of N75EYF Aft Perspective

This is the second batch of renderings to come from Nordhavn. I’ve put them together with the first collection released into one gallery for your viewing pleasure.  The renderings are made capable by the Computer-Aided Design (CAD) processes that produce digital files representing every facet of the new boat.  While not strictly necessary for the actual construction process, 3D renderings derived from the design can prove hepful to clients and others who need or want to see an accurate representation of the boat before it’s built.  In 3D, proportions, sight lines and optional configurations can be more easily seen.

Let me know what other upcoming boats you would like to see in 3D and I’ll try to get the files for display here.  In the meantime enjoy the gallery below.

The image gallery has been updated since the publication of this story and now includes pictures of the actual boat.


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