Navagear on PLB vs. SPOT: Differences?

SPOT Satellite Messenger Device

SPOT Satellite Messenger Device

Tim Flanagan, managing editor at my of my favorite blogs, Navagear, has a post today that addresses the question some boaters have about the new SPOT Messenger; namely, whether it’s any different from a personal locator beacon (PLB).  The answer of course, is ‘yes’ it is quite different.

Tim points to a nice piece in the USCG 13th District blog that goes into detail about the differences. There is no question that SPOT is a great new tool for many outdoor folks, including boaters, but please don’t consider it a replacement for a reliable, working PLB.  Yes, it HAS saved lives, but the system has limitations as a PLB-replacement.

You can read Tim’s post here and have a look at the SPOT Messenger service here.

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