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Sunreef Catamarans Take Serious Luxury To Sea

Sunreef 62' Classic design exterior

Sunreef 62' Classic design exterior

Built at one of the most famous shipyards in the world, Sunreef Yachts’ power and sailing catamarans are luxurious, yet tough ocean-going boats designed and built to the highest standards and with some of the latest technology available.  The famous Gdansk shipyards in Poland — former home of Lech Walessa and his revolutionary union mates — now produce Sunreef catamarans in hulls from 60 to more than 150 feet in length.  The boats are built in both aluminum and high-tech composites in a facility that keeps nearly all the skilled craftsmanship in-house.


Sunreef is a young company, started in 2000 by entrepreneur Francis Lapp.  Since then, more than 40 vessels have been delivered and are in service around the world as liveaboards, vacation yachts and charter boats.  In fact, many of the yachts have three different standard configurations — owner, semi-owner, and charter — acknowledging the specific design requirements of each type of usage. 

The company has benefitted from the availability of experienced shipbuilders and craftsmen in the local economy and recently acquired an additional large tract of land on the nearby Vistula River which will feature a 25,000 square meter production facility capable of building yachts longer than 50 meters.  Naval architecture, engineering and interior design are all handled internally.

Sunreef 114 - turning of the hull successfully completed

Sunreef 114 - turning of the hull successfully completed


Sunreef began building sailing catamarans and has recently expanded into the power cat arena as well.  The Sunreef 62 Sailing has been the most popular model to date, although the company has several much larger yachts in construction and has delivered several larger models.  A 114′ aluminum sailing cat is currently under final construction in the yard.  Here’s a brief rundown on the models currently available from Sunreef:

Sailing Catamarans – Single Deck

Sunreef 62 classic
Sunreef 62 modern
Sunreef 70
Sunreef 80
Sunreef 90
Sunreef 100
Sunreef 114
Sunreef 130


Sailing Catamarans – Double Deck

Sunreef 82
Sunreef 92
Sunreef 102
Sunreef 116
Sunreef 132
Sunreef 146

Power Catamarans

60 Sunreef Power
70 Sunreef Power
80 Sunreef Power

Sunreef also has designs in-hand for a custom 130-foot day catamaran suited for entertaining large groups on the water.  Sunreef will also undertake full custom design  Here’s a closer look at two of the current models, the 62 Sailing and the 70 Power.

Sunreef 62' Classic design exterior

Sunreef 62' Classic design exterior

Sunreef 62 Sailing Catamaran


Construction Composite or Aluminium
Length 18.9 m / 62.00 Ft
Maximum Beam 9.2 m / 30.18 Ft
Displacement 22 T / 26 T
Draft 1.52 m / 5.00 Ft
Mast Length 24.99 m / 82.00 Ft
Main Engines 2 x 110 HP
Fuel Capacity 2 x 700 l / 2 x 184.92 US gal
Fresh Water Tank 780 l / 206.05 US gal
Main Sail 117.99 m² / 1270.00 Ft²
Genoa 62.99 m² / 678.00 Ft²
Staysail 31.96 m² / 344.00 Ft²

The 62 Sailing Cat (classic model) was derived from the larger Sunreef 74 and features the same spacious central flybridge.  This centralizes the sailing controls at this upper helm station and also offers room for all the guests to enjoy an unobstructed view while sailing.  A “modern” version of this same boat offers an interior with avant-garde decor and design, while this model features a more conventional interior finish.  The 62 in a typical owner version would likely have four luxury cabins, while a boat designed for charter work would have more beds.  While exact prices will vary significantly depending on outfitting and trim, a new 2009 Sunreef 62 would likely have a list price in the neighborhood of EURO 1.33 million ($1.78 million).  These prices reflect the premium quality not only of the interiors but the epoxy resin, vacuum-infused and carbon-reinforced hulls.  All Sunreef yachts are classified CE A Ocean Category, which is the highest seaworthiness rating available.

Sunreef 70 Power Cat in Patagonia

Sunreef 70 Power Cat in Patagonia

70 Sunreef Power Catamaran


Construction Composite
Length 21.03 m / 69.00 Ft
Maximum Beam 9.3 m / 30.50 Ft
Displacement 33 T
Draft 1.22 m / 4.00 Ft
Fuel Capacity 2 x 4500 l / 2 x 1188.77 US gal
Fresh Water Tank 1000 l / 264.17 US gal
Naval Architecture Sunreef Yachts
Interior Design Sunreef Yachts


The 70 Sunreef Power, with its dramatic lines and powerful look, applies the same luxury standards of the sailing cats to the powerboat realm.  Powered by twin 870 HP diesels,  the boat will reach a speed of 30 knots.  The hull is built using a resin-infusion process, which results in a greater strength-to-weight ratio.  Sunreef announced today the launch of hull #2 in the line — an expedition version of the boat, which takes advantage of the slippery cat hull and uses smaller, 370 HP engines, will cruise at 12 knots, with an astounding 8,000 nautical miles range at 10 knots.  Even at 15 knots, the boat will exceed 3,000 nautical miles.

The first Sunreef 70 Power, JAMBO,  made its public debut In Cannes last June.  The boat spent this past winter on an Atlantic crossing and in late February and early March passed through the Strait of Magellan, making port in Puerto Mont, Chile.  With the first part of a family circumnavigation complete, the boat is now being provisioned for its trip across the Pacific, with first stops at Robinson Crusoe and Easter Islands, enroute to French Polynesia for a longer stay.

SEABASS, known as the “Exclusive” version, has two owner suites and two guest cabins, a fully equipped flybridge with second helm station and jacuzzi.  The boat also features an innovative diving platform.

In a few short years, Sunreef has built an impressive portfolio of both aluminum and high-end composite yachts.  The firm takes advantage of the relatively economical yet extremely experienced labor of the Gdansk maritime workforce and has made significant progress establishing itself as the premium builder of luxury, ocean-going catamarans.

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First Nordhavn 56 Motorsailer Launched

Pacific Asian Enterprises reported last week that it has launched hull #1 of the new 56 Motorsailer line at the Ta Shing Yachts shipyard.  Work on the first example of the new model began in late July of 2007. Present at the splashing were Ta Shing President Tim Juan, Nordhavn Chief Designer Jeff Leishman, Project Manager Pete Eunson, and the boat’s prospective owner John Felton.

Sea trials have begun in the An Ping harbor and PAE said it expects the boat will be shipped late this month to Dana Point, California, at which it will receive its sail rig and final outfitting. In the gallery below are the first photos release of the launch of the Nordhavn 56-01 motorsailer.  You can read about the boat’s specifications and design elements here.

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New Spy Photos of Nordic Tugs 49

Photo: Steve Tripp       Exclusive photo of the first hull of the new Nordic Tugs 49 Series

Exclusive photo of the first hull of the new Nordic Tugs 49 Series. Photo: Fidalgo Falcon

Ok, they’re not really spy photos:  The boat is out in plain view in a public facility, but if you want to see it you’ll have to be at the Seattle Boat Show starting next week because Nordic Tugs hasn’t released any company photos of hull #1.  These shots, exclusive to OceanLines, were taken by our associate in Anacortes, Washington, where the first hull is currently undergoing builder’s sea trials.  We first reported on the launch of hull #1 last month.

The NT-49 exhibits a level of fit and finish, at least on the exterior, that surpasses even its well-made predecessors. The hull finish is impeccably smooth, the stainless all looks heavy and polished, and the graceful, distinct curve of the sheer line is seriously elegant.

Seen from the bow, the NT-49 retains the shippy, workmanline pose of her tugboat ancestry, with a proud stem and substantial wheelhouse.  Notice the significant chine that runs all the way to the bow, creating a sharper and narrower entry for the hull below that level, while also doing spray-control duty.  Hull #1 does not have a flybridge, but I suspect many will be ordered, particularly for owners in southern climes. The centerline transom door is obvious in the stern shots here, as are the stainless-rimmed hawse holes.

Enjoy the gallery below.

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First Nordhavn 86 Delivered

First Nordhavn 86 Ready to Go 

Pacific Asian Enterprises reported that it has delivered the first of its current flagship model, the Nordhavn 86. Cari Ali was just delivered to an undisclosed owner in Dana Point, California and is currently undergoing a shakedown cruise.

The N86 is truly a massive boat (ship?).  At nearly 400,000 pounds of displacement, the N86 will carry opulence to the farthest corners of the globe.  According to PAE, an N86 could leave the East Coast of the U.S., pass the Axores, push on through to Gibraltar into the Mediterranean, and travel up the coast of Spain to the Balearics and then go on to Italy. “If you watch your fuel management, you could arrive using less than the total fuel capacity of 7,000 gallons, said Dan Streech, PAE president.

As one might expect, everything on this boat is big — from the twin MTU Series 60 engines, spinning 48-inch propellers through 3.43-to-1 reduction gears, to the 20-swuare-foot stabilizers and 50 HP bow and stern thrusters.

PAE had a new, 21-acre South Coast China shipyard purpose-built for the N86 program and the boat was designed to be easily certified to ABS +A1 Yachting Service rating for the hull and AMS rating for machinery and installation as an option.

The N86 features its master stateroom forward on the main deck.  The guest staterooms are below, with one each to port, starboard and on centerline, each also with its own head.  Crew quarters are aft.  The list of standard equipment goes on and on, leaving a prospective owner to have to choose only electronics and tenders to complete the outfitting. 

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Nordic Tugs 49 Will Fill the Gap


Rendering of the new Nordic Tugs 49

Rendering of the new Nordic Tugs 49

BURLINGTON, Wa. – In the 1990s, a 32-footer was the best seller in the Nordic Tugs line. The company added a 42 when it was time to expand – and learned a lesson in the balance.

“It became apparent that the 10-foot jump in size was too much for some of our customers,” said Jim Cress, president of Nordic Tugs. A 37-foot model was created to bridge the gap.

It was similar thinking that led to the development of the new Nordic Tugs 49, the latest addition to the trawler-style model line, which is still under construction at the company plant here. The 49 is designed to bridge the gap between the 42- and 54-foot models. “We did it again,” said Cress, laughing as he told the story. “We launched the 52″ [now the 54] and created another 10-foot gap.”

The 49 has two cabins, with the master amidships. Still, the company has high hopes for the 49. I got a good look at Hull No. 1 at Nordic Tugs factory here last week, where systems are still being installed. The hull has a beautiful merlot shade of deep red gelcoat, not a traditional Nordic color but still very attractive. And that was not the only thing worth seeing. Continue reading →

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