Nordhavn 52

Nordhavn 52 Prototype Nearing Completion

PHOTO: Pacific Asian Enterprises -- The N52 Prototype Nears Completion at the Factory

PHOTO: Pacific Asian Enterprises -- The N52 Prototype Nears Completion at the Factory

Pacific Asian Enterprises is nearing completion of its first Nordhavn 52; a prototype actually since it has a combination of the extended hull of the new 52 but retains the N47-style superstructure.  In the photos here you can see the new hull extension that provides extra room in the aft cockpit as well as an extended waterline for greater efficiency.  The N52 is one of two new models announced by PAE last June.

PHOTO:  Pacific Asian Enterprises -- The first Nordhavn 52 shows off her spacious aft cockpit

PHOTO: Pacific Asian Enterprises -- The first Nordhavn 52 shows off her spacious aft cockpit

PAE says this first hull is likely to be complete sometime in January, 2009, while the first N52 with the new superstructure should be ready to splash next summer.  Project Manager Jeremy Henderson says the additional changes in the full N52 configuration include an approximate 2-foot extension to the boat deck and a reconfigured flybridge, giving the boat a sleeker appearance than the 47. That look will be further enhanced by the use of just two large salon windows in lieu of the three smaller ones on the N47, as well as two new large MSR portholes in lieu of the 2 small ones on the N47. The N52 will also add 200 gallons of fuel to the N47’s capacity of 1,470 gallons.  More information on the N52 can be found here.

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New Nordhavn Models For Sale

Pacific Asian Enterprises has quietly added two more models to its ever-growing Nordhavn fleet of long-distance trawlers.  The new Nordhavn 60 is a 5-foot stretch of the N55, and the new Nordhavn 52 is a 5-foot stretch of the highly successful N47.  I guess when you’re in this class of boats, “2-foot-itis” becomes “5-foot-itis.”

Artist\'s Rendering of the New Nordhavn 52

PAE says three changes differentiate the new 52 from its smaller sister. First is a cockpit extension, which the company says opens up the rear of the boat and elongates the yacht’s lines. The added waterline gave designers room to add 200 more gallons of fuel to her capacity. The upper level boat deck was also lengthened by 2 feet; which complements the cockpit extension and enables a bigger tender to be carried topsides.  The company says there is also a cosmetic change to the flybridge which is now “more integral with the boat deck and pilothouse roof.”

According to PAE,  the N52 will be slightly faster than the 47 due to the larger engine that will power the bigger boat.  PAE says a brand-new John Deere 6068AFM75, with about 250 HP, will be the main propulsion plant.

Artist\'s Rendering of the New Nordhavn 60

PAE cites aesthetics as a driving force behind the creation of the new N62. The company says the N55 was one of its most popular models but that for some customers, however, “the added height of the 55, while a proven design plus that ensures superior stability by allowing the engine, fuel tanks and water tanks to be positioned very low — kept the look decidedly more trawler-like and slightly out of proportion.”

To fix that problem (is looking “trawler-like” a problem?), PAE’s designers lengthened the decks by five feet. PAE says the length was added without measurable increases in weight, resulting in an N60 that will be one-third of a knot faster than the N55.  The new boat, similar to the N52, will benefit from a larger boat deck and, in a cosmetic change, will offer larger ports for the owner’s stateroom. PAE says the new look is compelling and that eight signed customers for the N55 switched to the bigger boat after seeing the new drawings.

PAE confirmed that both older models are still “very much” offered for sale.  This brings the current Nordhavn brand to 15 boats, from the N40 to the recently announced N120.  Visitors to this weekend’s TrawlerFest in Greenport, NY, on the North Fork of Long Island, can see the N40 and N47 on display.

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