Nordic Tugs 49

Nordic Tugs 49 Will Fill the Gap


Rendering of the new Nordic Tugs 49

Rendering of the new Nordic Tugs 49

BURLINGTON, Wa. – In the 1990s, a 32-footer was the best seller in the Nordic Tugs line. The company added a 42 when it was time to expand – and learned a lesson in the balance.

“It became apparent that the 10-foot jump in size was too much for some of our customers,” said Jim Cress, president of Nordic Tugs. A 37-foot model was created to bridge the gap.

It was similar thinking that led to the development of the new Nordic Tugs 49, the latest addition to the trawler-style model line, which is still under construction at the company plant here. The 49 is designed to bridge the gap between the 42- and 54-foot models. “We did it again,” said Cress, laughing as he told the story. “We launched the 52″ [now the 54] and created another 10-foot gap.”

The 49 has two cabins, with the master amidships. Still, the company has high hopes for the 49. I got a good look at Hull No. 1 at Nordic Tugs factory here last week, where systems are still being installed. The hull has a beautiful merlot shade of deep red gelcoat, not a traditional Nordic color but still very attractive. And that was not the only thing worth seeing. Continue reading →

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