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A New Look for OceanLines

OceanLines - The Latest News in Passagemaking
OceanLines – The Latest News in Passagemaking

Sometimes we advertise these changes weeks or months in advance.  Sometimes we just spring ’em on you.  Like now.  Welcome to the new OceanLines LLC corporate theme for both Oceanlines and Marine Science Today.  The WordPress theme is the WP-Vybe theme from Solostream.  It’s extremely flexible and well-written and we’re thrilled with it.

Our web support partners at New York Design Group are helping us get it tweaked and our long-time graphics design partners at Taylor Design created the banner logos for both websites.  This new design will allow us to bring you content that is easier to look at, easier to search and just plain old good-looking.  Please drop a comment here and let us know what you like; what you think needs work and we’ll keep working on it.
Stay tuned this week for news about Ovation Yachts two new models, some impressive new long-range catamarans from Pacific Expedition Yachts and some new photos of some of your favorite trawlers and some new ones just coming down the ways.
And remember that starting with the new year, Marine Science Today debuts with its own dedicated publication and this sporty new look, too.  If you have an interest in the science that’s dominating our current environmental discussions, visit Marine Science Today and learn about the latest ocean research.
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