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OceanLines Has a New Look and Focus

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OceanLines Home Page as of New Year 2014

If this is the first time you’ve been here in a while, you might notice our new look and our new focus.  Since its first post in 2007, OceanLines has focused on the boats we like to live and cruise on, whether for the day or for long, ocean-crossing passages.  Since the Great Recession fully landed on the boating world in 2009, the appearance and sale of new boats gradually diminished, until it almost disappeared.  There has been a small resurgence over the last year, but frankly, new boats and designs in our cruising category are still rather scarce.

One thing that remains true, and which is a field that has continued much more steadily to innovate and produce new products for boaters, is the marine electronics and boating systems industry.  Ok, those are two industries really, but together they represent what we put IN our boats and what helps us to use our boats safely and efficiently.

So here at OceanLines, we’re going to focus on covering the developments in those two industries, bringing you all the latest news on marine electronics, software, and boat systems ranging from propulsion to electrical, hydraulic and sanitary.  If you can buy it to be installed aboard or fitted to your boat, we’ll cover it.

If there are new cruising boats developed and launched, we’ll cover them too, no worries.

There’s a lot of water to cover.  Consider the following:

  • Touch screens are the wave of the present and future.  But how you implement them and how you handle them when seas are rough are the sticky points.  We’ll look into the latest offerings, such as the chartplotters from Garmin, Raymarine, the Navico brands – Simrad, Lowrance and B&G, and Furuno, and any others we can find that we think might deserve your attention.
  • Radios are not the simple units of the past.  Most you’d want to consider are GPS-equipped and include hailing and sometimes a host of other features, including wireless mics, integrated AIS receivers, even constant recording so you can replay the last received communication (now THAT would be handy).
  • Depthfinders and other sonar units are as capable as the military technology of not so long ago.  Multi-frequency transducers adapt to conditions and requirements and many units now often side-scan capabilities.
  • Radars are decidedly more capable than the units of even five years ago.  High definition units make close-in navigation much safer and use significantly less energy and pose almost no radiation risk to boaters or crewmen on deck.
  • The “glass helm” has finally arrived in recreational boating and there’s a long list of new technology and products to consider.  These systems can integrate information from your propulsion, electrical and safety systems and display as much or as little as you want.  Multiple screens can serve to expand information or provide redundancy, although the reliability of today’s displays is much improved, too.
  • Propulsion options have all gained joystick control options, something I actually predicted back in 2007 (eh, I don’t publicize the predictions I get wrong).  Whether you have pod drives, inboards or outboards, they can all be controlled (sometimes requiring a bow thruster) with a joystick via computerized controls.
  • Other boat systems have kept pace (some more so, some less so) with the revolution in marine electronics — some can now be monitored by your helm displays, for example.  Tankage monitoring continues to get ever-so-slowly better.  We have systems now to better charge and maintain our batteries, not to mention the proliferation of new battery technology.  Everything from lighting (LED) and galley appliances (high-efficiency induction) have changed our power requirements.
  • There are new services available, too.  Consider Vessel Vanguard, a company that offers boat owners a comprehensive cloud-based portal to help manage and log maintenance requirements for all of their boat’s onboard systems..  And if you aren’t already a member of the ActiveCaptain crowdsource, you’re missing out on some pretty profound resources for cruising.

So, there’s a lot to review and a lot to discuss with you.  We’d appreciate any heads-up or tips you can send us on new products — and services — that might interest your fellow boaters.  Use our contact form to send us ideas, or email us at info at OceanLines dot biz.

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OceanLines Now Syndicated to Millions of Readers

BoaterMouth -- 12 Journalists, 1 Website

BoaterMouth -- 12 Journalists, 1 Website

As our readers know, the publishing world is in the midst of an upheaval as publications and readers turn to online outlets to deliver content. Naturally, we at OceanLines feel we’ve been helping to lead our audience of cruisers and passagemakers to that new online world of resources. Well, the publishing powerhouses continue to evolve and adapt (at least some are). And some of the current leaders of the online publishing world are taking big new steps.

The First Big News

OceanLines has recently become part of a unique cooperative venture among 12 of the leading journalists in our industry, through a new website called Boatermouth.com. You’ve probably seen the ad-link I’ve posted on the right sidebar for BoaterMouth, which is the brainchild of Kim Kavin, one of the most respected marine journalists in the world. Last fall, Kim gathered us on (naturally) an online conference call to propose the Boatermouth.com cooperation and by November we were online. (warning — shameless self-promoting quote from Kim ahead)

OceanLines brings outstanding coverage of the passagemaker and trawler markets to the BoaterMouth team. Tom’s writing covers everything from new boat models to the equipment and electronics that people need if they are truly going to live the cruising lifestyle. I am thrilled to have Tom as part of our team, as his work is not something you can find so regularly updated elsewhere online, let alone written with such authority and expertise.

At BoaterMouth you can read about every segment of boating, from PWCs to fishing to speedboats and sailing, and yes, about passagemaking and cruising boats through the OceanLines participation.

The Next Big News

Boats.com and Yachtworld.com, the massive sites for boating classifieds, announced this morning a big new partnership with BoaterMouth to put our editorial content on their websites.  If you will forgive this brief self-promotion, here’s an excerpt from the press relief:

“This partnership recognizes and leads a paradigm shift,” said Ian Atkins, vice president and general manager of Boats.com and YachtWorld.com. “People who love the water are online now, looking for boats and high-quality editorial content to go with them. Teaming up with a crew of 12 writers who have the credentials of the BoaterMouth group is an outstanding enhancement for visitors to our sites—and a privilege for us.”

Articles by BoaterMouth’s marine journalists will cover a range topics, from power and sailboats to fishing, megayachts, marine electronics, chartering, cruising, racing, and advice on maintenance and equipment. Boats.com and YachtWorld.com will utilize their established online technology to pair this expanded editorial content with related new-boat and brokerage listings, offering the BoaterMouth team’s writing to an average monthly audience of 3.5 million boating enthusiasts—more than the combined circulation of every U.S. marine magazine.

BoaterMouth.com was launched in November 2009 by Imagine Media LLC and is owned by longtime marine journalist Kim Kavin. She is among the 12 BoaterMouth writers, who also include Lenny Rudow, Ben Ellison, Diane Byrne, Pete McDonald, Tom Tripp, Zuzana Prochazka, Jeff Hemmel, Charles Doane, Kimball Livingston, Matt Trulio, and Ed Sherman. (Click here for detailed biographies.)

“My hope when I conceived BoaterMouth was not only to work with the colleagues I respect most as marine journalists, but to do so in a way that helps move marine publishing forward in the digital age,” Kavin said. “The team at Boats.com and YachtWorld.com shares our vision of connecting with boaters using rich editorial content innew online formats, and we’ll be working with them to apply our industry expertise across digital platforms as they continue to evolve.”

By integrating BoaterMouth-branded sections, Boats.com and YachtWorld.com will provide the ultimate boater experience online, such as offering boat-spec information and expert insights, connected and cross-referenced. The partnership will also utilize an existing and growing array of social-networking sites, including Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and YouTube.

These two new partnerships are going to help us bring the content here on OceanLines to millions of new readers and our hope is that will lead to more comments and participation by our readers, many of whom are out there on the water living the life we would all choose.

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A New Look for OceanLines

OceanLines - The Latest News in Passagemaking
OceanLines – The Latest News in Passagemaking

Sometimes we advertise these changes weeks or months in advance.  Sometimes we just spring ’em on you.  Like now.  Welcome to the new OceanLines LLC corporate theme for both Oceanlines and Marine Science Today.  The WordPress theme is the WP-Vybe theme from Solostream.  It’s extremely flexible and well-written and we’re thrilled with it.

Our web support partners at New York Design Group are helping us get it tweaked and our long-time graphics design partners at Taylor Design created the banner logos for both websites.  This new design will allow us to bring you content that is easier to look at, easier to search and just plain old good-looking.  Please drop a comment here and let us know what you like; what you think needs work and we’ll keep working on it.
Stay tuned this week for news about Ovation Yachts two new models, some impressive new long-range catamarans from Pacific Expedition Yachts and some new photos of some of your favorite trawlers and some new ones just coming down the ways.
And remember that starting with the new year, Marine Science Today debuts with its own dedicated publication and this sporty new look, too.  If you have an interest in the science that’s dominating our current environmental discussions, visit Marine Science Today and learn about the latest ocean research.
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