Coming Soon: Marine Science Today, a Dedicated New Publication

New Banner for Marine Science Today

New Banner for Marine Science Today

I am pleased to announce the upcoming debut on January 1, 2009, of a new online publication, Marine Science Today, dedicated to news, analysis, and discussion of modern marine science.  With our heightened understanding of the central role played by the world’s oceans in controlling our climate and overall environment, there is both a need and a desire to educate and inform the general public about the myriad activities, discoveries and ongoing work in this scientific field.

We began covering marine science news here on OceanLines but have discovered there is an audience for a dedicated publication, serving not just the interests of one organization or another, but the public interest in understanding as much as possible about this vital field.  This is a public that must, eventually, understand to provide the financial and political support for spending and programs in marine science and our goal at Marine Science Today is to help provide that crucial understanding.

Marine Science Today (www.marinesciencetoday.com) will provide in one place news from around the entire marine science community, with features and photos covering the science, the people and technology currently at work around the globe.  In addition to hard news and features written by staff, MST will provide an opportunity for students, teachers and researchers in the field to publish basic summaries of their latest work.  We will also encourage analysis and opinion pieces by policy makers and interested parties as part of our attenpt to continue to stimulate public discussion of topics related to marine science.

Marine Science Today will debut in just a few short weeks, so plan to join us at the website then.  And please do plan to jump right on in, the water is everywhere!

Tom Tripp
Owner, OceanLines LLC
Publisher of OceanLines, and Marine Science Today

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