Luhrs Marine Group to Consolidate in New Jersey

The Luhrs Marine Group announced today that it will be relocating Mainship Corporation and Luhrs Corporation operations from St. Augustine, Florida, to the group’s existing Millville, New Jersey, production facility, where the Silverton and Ovation brands are built.

The announcement, made by company founders John and Warren Luhrs, incuded notice of the closing of the St. Augustine plant and immediate transfer of tooling to Millville. Production in Millville of the Mainship and Luhrs lines will commence in January of 2009, the company said.

The company also said that design, engineering, manufacturing and support responsibilities for the Power Boat Division will be centralized in Millville.  Hunter Marine, the Group’s fifth company, which manufactures sailboats in Alachua, Florida, as well as Luhrs Marine Limited in the U.K., will continue operations at their current locations.

Warren Luhrs said, “We had been studying the benefits to our product lines, our present and future boat owners, and to our employee ownership by combining production, product support, sales and marketing responsibilities that have, historically, been autonomous.  John [Luhrs] and I – together with Rick Cerami, Chief Executive Officer of Luhrs Marine Group and our General Managers – concluded that our companies will be significantly strengthened by the centralization of design, engineering, manufacturing, parts fabrication, purchasing, and customer service at our Millvilleplant.  The decelerated economy, in combination with our previous planning, has enabled us to implement our relocation and centralization planning and become a stronger group of boat-manufacturing companies.”

In a press statement, the company said it anticipated “enormous efficiencies” as a result of the centralization, “notably in design, engineering and in purchasing,” but did not quantify those in financial terms.

Forty years ago, in December 1969, the Luhrs brothers acquired Silverton Sea Skiffs – a Toms River, NJ, powerboat builder.  The brothers’ “roots,” in actuality, extend much farther back in boatbuilding: to the 1930’s, when their father, Henry Luhrs, began producing wooden sea skiffs in the coastal town of Morgan, New Jersey. 
“We didn’t intend that this first major step in the LuhrsGroup’s ‘Plan for the Future’ would coincide with the 40th anniversary of the Group’s beginnings in New Jersey,” John Luhrs said.  “But we think our father would be pleased.”

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A Floating Ovation, Please…

At the recently concluded Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show, Silverton Marine welcomed the newest boat brand to the party — Ovation.  And along with the brand came the first model — the 52 Ovation, a sleek, luxurious sedan bridge

Ovation 52 Debuts at Fort Lauderdale Boat Show

Ovation 52 Debuts at Fort Lauderdale Boat Show


cruiser with a state-of-the-art triple Volvo IPS engine installation.  It is a beautiful boat, exceedingly well equipped and with fit and finish on a par with such brands as Marquis by Carver.  It features a massive master stateroom amidships, with a full queen VIP forward and twins in a port stateroom.  A raised galley and dinette forward have great all-around views and the salon features a big screen TV on a lift, along with plenty of seating for showings of Master and Commander during the evenings aboard.

Perhaps the most exciting feature of the 52 Ovation is its drive package — triple IPS600 pod drives that will undoubtedly pop this big boat right out of the hole and onto plane.  They’re set way back under the cockpit sole with lots of extra room forward for the big genny and storage (or watermakers and whatever else you might want to add).


Getting the most of these big IPS drives only requires that you learn to drive the boat with the IPS joystick — a simple task.  Move it right and the boat goes to the right.  Twist it left and the bow swings to port.  Push it forward and you’re moving forward.  It will change your world, especially around the dock.  It will also help cool off your credit card at the fuel dock.  Volvo Penta claims — and early adopters seem to concur — that these drives are nearly 30 percent more fuel efficient that straight shaft and prop installations of the same horsepower.

Ovation 52 Engine Room with Volvo Penta IPS Engines

Ovation 52 Engine Room with Volvo Penta IPS Engines

Silverton says the 52 Ovation will list for approximately $1.3 million, which is a competitive price for a luxury sedan of this size and with this kind of power.  It has features that will make cruising even easier, like a Nautical Structures 800# davit hidden in the transom, along with the big swim platform.  It has wide sidedeck walkways all the way to the bow for safer line and anchor handling underway. 



Helm Aboard the new Ovation 52

Helm Aboard the new Ovation 52

And frankly, the bridge is where you will want to host all your parties from now on.  Lots of great seating, a chill chest, barbecue and views all around.


Take a look at the specs provided by Silverton for this boat, then plan to check it out at the Miami show in February.  Or, you can visit the new brand’s website at:  www.ovationyachts.com

  Standard Power Triple Volvo 500 IPS Diesel  
  Optional Power Triple Volvo 600 IPS Diesel  
  Length Overall 52 Feet 15.8 Meters
  Beam 16 Feet, 4 Inches 4.9 Meters
  Draft 48 Inches 1.22 Meters
  Deadrise 13 Degrees  
  Appoximate Dry Weight 52,000 Pounds 23,608 Kilograms
  Fuel Capacity 610 Gallons 2,309 Liters
  Water Capacity 200 Gallons 757 Liters
  Holding Tank Capacity 80 Gallons 303 Liters
  Headroom [Minimum} 6 Feet, 6 Inches 1.98 Meters
  Sleeps 6  
  Clearance Height, DWL No Light 17 Feet, 9 Inches 5.41 Meters

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