PAE Sells First Nordhavn 120

New Nordhavn 120 Construction Photos

Construction Update photo of new Nordhavn 120 Megayacht

Construction Update photo of new Nordhavn 120 Megayacht

Pacific Asian Enterprises, Inc., today passed along a new collection of informal photos updating the construction progress of the new Nordhavn 120.  The new-design megayacht will become the new queen of the Nordhavn fleet sometime late this year.  According to PAE,

“Work continues on the first hull of the future queenship of the Nordhavn line: the Nordhavn 120. The latest photos released by the South Coast factory last week illustrate progress on various interior sections of the N120. Evident are the glossy build-up coats of varnish on the cherry wood which will serve to prime the satin finish that the owners have chosen for the woodwork. ‘Even in its unfinished state, the boat is so impressive,’ notes Project Manager Trever Smith.”

Check out the updated Nordhavn 120 photo gallery below.

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First Nordhavn 120 Sold

New Artist Rendering of First Nordhavn 120 Aurora

New Artist Rendering of First Nordhavn 120 Aurora

 Pacific Asian Enterprises has confirmed to OceanLines that it has sold its first N120, a true megayacht with a pricetag nearly three times the next biggest Nordhavn, the N86.  PAE President Dan Streech confirmed the purchase to OceanLines and said the buyer is a long-time Nordhavn owner, now purchasing his fourth vessel from the brand.  For a look at some of the design details of the N120, see our original article about the program launch here.

Construction of N120-01 will begin in January 2010 and delivery is scheduled for August of 2012.  The relatively modest construction time for the first of a new model is the result of the fact that all the molds and plugs are already finished at PAE’s Xiamen II factory in southern China.  Designer Dee Robinson is working with the owner to finalize the interior design details.  Since the hull is to be painted, final decision on hull color will wait until construction is well along.  The megayacht will be ABS-certified.

The N120 has to be considered the ultimate achievement so far for company Chief Designer Jeff Leishman.  Although 50 percent larger than the next-largest Nordhavn, the N120 will be recognizable to fans of the Nordhavn brand.  Leishman and his deep and talented engineering staff have translated many of the traditional Nordhavn lines and design details into a megayacht that will weigh nearly as much as a  Boeing 747-400; some 800,000 pounds.  Even the factory itself, the Xiamen II facility, was designed with this vessel in mind, with everything from the footprint, to ceilings to overhead crane capacity intended to be capable of handling something this size.

The owner of N120-01 has previously owned an N62, N76, and N86, and, according to Streech, is “a joy to work with; knowledgeable and experienced with the new-build process.”  Streech said, “We are very appreciative and excited to receive the order on Nordhavn 120 #1, which will be this owner’s fourth Nordhavn, so there is comfort and experience on both sides which will help elevate the N120 project to a spectacular megayacht level. Our new factory in Xiamen China was expressly designed to accommodate the N120 production line and our 35 years of experience in designing and building over 800 ocean going yachts has prepared us for this exciting moment.”

The price of the Nordhavn 120 is approximately $19 million.  For reference, the typical price of a Norhavn 86 is less than $7 million.

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