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Sushi Run Boats Reach Kodiak

GSSR Route Map -- Image Courtesy of Ken Williams

GSSR Route Map -- Image Courtesy of Ken Williams

The three-boat Great Siberian Sushi Run has reached Kodiak, Alaska, 1,892 NM along its planned 5,276 NM journey to pick up sushi in Japan.  If you haven’t followed this convoy since it left Seattle more than a month ago, you’ve missed some pretty cool stuff.  Owner and captain of the lead ship, Sans Souci, a Nordhavn 68, is Ken Williams, an über-prolific blogger whose practical prose over the past several years has educated and entertained many thousands of armchair explorers.  Ken began his blogging with the famous Nordhavn Atlantic Rally (NAR) during the summer of 2004 and hasn’t ever stopped.

Nowadays, Ken and his wife Roberta, who may someday challenge Samantha Brown for a spot on the Travel Channel, are also taking and posting video from the trip.  Have a look at the latest posting from Sans Souci in this Youtube clip:


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