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Marinalife Expands Discount Program for Boaters

Marinalife Website Screenshot

Marinalife Website Screenshot

Marinalife announced an expansion of their card-holder Discount Program.  The expansion brings access to thousands of discounts, along with a streamlined way to search for them by keyword, city, state, body of water and category.  The company reports savings up to 50% on dockage, fuel, repairs, towing, service and maintenance, restaurants and more.

Joy McPeters of Marinalife, said,

“The discount program is another benefit that we can offer to boaters. Now, in addition to the online marina reservations, travel tools, and boater’s insurance that we provide, we also offer ways to save money. It fits perfectly with our mission to provide boaters with ways to enhance their boating experience, and everybody likes to save money.”

The company says the Marinalife Discount Card costs $23.99 (USD) and that the discount program is running in the U.S., Canada, The Caribbean and Central America. More information is at the company’s discount webpage.

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