Ranger Tugs 21EC

Ranger Tugs Adds Chesapeake Bay Dealership

Ranger Tugs 21EC Running

Ranger Tugs 21EC Running

 Chesapeake Ranger Tugs is the new Ranger Tugs dealer for the Chesapeake Bay region in the United States.  Located in Annapolis, Chesapeake Ranger Tugs is staffed by the same team that runs the successful Selene Annapolis dealership. Mark Mansfield, Sales Director for Ranger Tugs, says, “We are excited to have Chesapeake Ranger Tugs on board. We think it’s a perfect cruising ground for these small trawlers and look forward to growing their presence in the area through Chesapeake Ranger Tugs.”

Built in the U.S. at the company’s factories in Kent and Monroe, WA, Ranger models include the Ranger 21, the Ranger 25, and the new Ranger 29. All models are trailerable making them ideal for exploring the many regions of the Chesapeake Bay—and beyond. The R-21 and R-25 are both within standard beam limits for permit-less trailering, and the R-29’s 10-foot beam usually only requires a simple additional permit in most states.

We’ve written about Ranger Tugs here on OceanLines before. We think they’re great pocket trawlers. Their diesel engines sip fuel at a rate of pints per hour and design details like the keel and sharp forward entry give them seaworthiness traits typical of larger boats.  Ranger Tugs appears to be stepping up its activity level in the marketplace. This is the second major dealership announcement on the East Coast of the U.S. in just a couple of months.  We recently reported on the addition of Wilde Yachts of Essex, CT, as a Ranger Tugs dealer.  I asked Ranger Tugs VP Sales and Marketing Jeff Messmer about this.  Messmer said, “This is a niche that fits in well with the dealers that we have recently partnered with.   The introduction and subsequent success of the Ranger R25 (September 2006) and R29 (January 2009) has helped us to get the attention of some dealers that might otherwise have passed on the opportunity to sell Ranger Tugs.”

The boats are extremely popular on the West Coast — particularly the Pacific Northwest where they are built.  It seems likely we’ll be seeing more of them on the East Coast. An example of this might be Elaine and Ed Henn of Annapolis, MD, who bought a Ranger 25 in their transition from sail to power. They describe their Ranger as “a great boat for extended Bay cruising thanks to the cozy cabin and shallow draft. We also spent six months aboard in 2008-09 cruising all the way down the ICW to Florida for the winter.”

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